32 Things Before Turning 32

I had such a blast working on 31 Things Before Turning 31 that I decided another list was in order.  There were a few Things I didn't get to this last year that have been rolled over into this one.  The rest?  Well, the possibilities are endless.  I look forward to sharing more details as my 31st year of life progresses.

32 Things Before Turning 32

1. Take a horseback riding lesson
2. Update my recipe binder
3. Complete Anna and Katelyn's presents- a HUGE sewing project and thus why it didn't get done last year
4. Paint and sketch more
5. Get my next tattoo
6. Preserve White Sox memorabilia
7. Scrapbook 2009 and 2010
8. Death to Dessert- details coming in February
9. Attend a blogging conference
10. Go to an NHL game
11. Go to an NFL game
12. Write 5 chapters of my book
13. Go on a mission trip (see Radical Experiment)
14. Serve consistently
15. Shop only at resale stores for the year (exemptions: shoes, one pair of jeans if I ever find them, accessories, and I can spend gift cards at "normal" stores)
16. Start a Dinner Club
17. Meet my blogger friend Mary Kathryn  -I think it is high time for MK and I to take our friendship out of the blogosphere and into real life.  I can't even imagine all the places our conversation would go! I also think hijinks might ensue- MK, do you have an inner prankster like I do?
18. Favorite Auntie Project- it's not brainwashing, it's endearing
19. Read Eric Metaxas' biography on Bonhoeffer
20. Read a biography on Nelson Mandela
21. Organize/finish decorating my office- oh, it needs it so badly
22. Buy a new digital camera
23. Go to Bluebird Cafe
24. Go to Cheekwood Botanical Garden
25. Tour The Parthenon
26. Eat at 5 Nashville Originals
27. Retool my budget and set a lifestyle cap by the end of the year (see Radical Experiment)
28. Limit my book/music spending- $25 per month...this is going to be tough
29. Go to The Hermitage, the home of Andrew Jackson
30. Go to Arrington Vineyards
31. Visit one other Southern state
32. Fall in love...with God, with my life, with family and friends- Tea says we need a wider definition of love and I couldn't agree more.

What do you think?  There are some winners here, a few that won't be easy, and at least a couple that scare me (A book and music budget? What am I thinking?)  Let me know if you feel like helping me out on my quest- company is always appreciated!

Click here for updates on the list.


  1. Between you and Mary Kathryn, I think I have been inspired to do a birthday bucket list. I did make a list of 5 resolutions for this year, but then whittled it back to 4...had to let the "read the books I have before I buy any more" resolution go. That was just a total failure waiting to happen. ha!

  2. You finished so many of your 31 things, you will surely accomplish many on this list! I'm with you on #8(already started) and #15(can't wait!), but #5 would never cross my mind. : ) Will look forward to your posts to see what you do this year! Would be fun to join you on some Nashville firsts. We'll see what the year brings on this end, but you certainly have a way of motivating & making the prospects exciting.

  3. i love this list, leigh! you make me excited about starting my next one! :)

  4. i'm ready for july so i can do my 29 before 29!! :)

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  6. Hey, check off one of your 5 Nashville originals thanks to our visit to the Pancake Pantry...delish and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are inspiring

  7. This is a great idea..I love what you want to accomplish it is inspiring..I have done a bucket list for this year..I love blogging because it helps you keep yourself in check with goals!!

  8. I love the idea of a list before the birthday! I think a visit to NC specifically Asheville would take care of #31. Asheville is my favorite city in all of NC. Can't wait to see what you accomplish!

  9. I found your blog today and it's cool. It's cool for me, because you look a lot like my wife did when we met in TN at church. She was a transplant from Moline, IL. Reading your blog is like reading my wife's diary. (is that creepy?) Anyway, I want to recommend something for your list, since you like Southern food. Go eat at Miss Mary Bobo's boarding house in Lynchburg, where they make Jack Daniels. It's the best southern-style food on the planet (that you can get at a restaurant, anyway). Google it. It's a day trip you'll love

  10. I love your lists. I turn 41 next week, and I'm not sure I can come up with a list of 41 things but I'm definitely going to at least pick 10 things to do in my next year.


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