Saturday, June 18, 2011

An Update and a Winner

Over the next week I'll be moving HopefulLeigh over to a new domain and a new home at Typepad. This will be my greatest techie triumph if all goes well.

I have a few dreams for this ol' blog of mine and part of that vision includes a bigger and better platform.

Ever since Blissdom, I've been contemplating moving over to another format. Months and months of contemplation. The pros and cons of Wordpress paralyzed me. To go with .com or .org? There were no clear answers.

I did what anyone would do in times of decision-making.  I asked Twitter.

My blog friends Laura and Megan pointed me in the direction of Typepad and I breathed a sigh of relief. It is exactly what I'm looking for. And while activating domains and importing blogs completely freaks me out, the directions have been easy to follow. Word on the street, their Customer Services rocks so should I reach an impasse, I know where to turn.

All this to say, things will be quiet over here until the new site is up and running. Don't worry- I'll point you in the right direction when it's time!

Finally, the giveaway winner for Marla Taviano's new e-book is Kristin from Messiah Mom. Incidentally, I'd encourage you to read her recent post Fighting Ugly if you haven't already. I'm guessing it'll resonate with you as much as it did me. Kristin, I'll be contacting you with the e-book code soon. Congrats!


  1. Congratulations and good luck! I can't wait to see the new site! :)

  2. Thanks, Leigh! I'm sure it will come in handy... someday! :) and thank you for the shout out

  3. Good luck Leigh! You can do it! I just made the jump to Wordpress last month, and if I can survive a "move" so can you :-) Can't wait to see the new digs!


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