Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Not Me, It's You

Because it's June and summer makes everyone happy and busy...

Because I have exciting news brewing...

Because I love my readers ever so much...

I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the month. It won't be completely quiet here though.  I have a few posts planned, as well as a few guest posts coming up.

Soon I'll share my news so be sure to follow or sign up for a free email subscription so you don't miss out! You can also Like this little ol' blog on Facebook. So many options!

Today though is not about's about you.

I'd like to hear from you!  Tell me about who you are, even if this is your first time here, even if I already know you, even if you comment every time I write (you're my favorite, if that's the case!), even if you never comment.  I want to hear about what makes you tick.

Some bloggers call this a "de-lurking day" but let's just say it's a way of becoming acquainted.  So, hello and welcome.

Tell me whatever you'd like. If you're searching for inspiration, answer one of these questions:

What do you care most about in this world?  

If you're a blogger, what's the best post you've written in the past month? 

And most importantly, if you could only eat desserts or snacks for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Take a moment to say hello.


  1. Well hello there, Leigh. I guess I'm one of your favorites because, even though I don't comment EVERY time, I do comment a lot. :) I love this idea and may even have to steal it soon (my summertime brain is running out of blogging ideas). Now to your questions . . .

    1. I care most about my faith and my family. Nurturing both.

    2. I am a blogger and would love your readers to check out the series I just finished called "31 Days Closer to Your Kids." I kinda liked the way it turned out.

    3. Oh my goodness, too many to choose, but it might be warm chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. Mmmm.

    Have a great day!

  2. Besides my children and my God, I care most about ending slavery in the world.

    I'm a blogger, and my best post in the last 30 days is probably.... Corners of my Darkness:

    If I had to eat a snack or dessert my whole life, I would have pot stickers. I want to say some healthy snack, but I'm going with chocolate cake and a big, fat glass of milk.

    Funny that we both talked about doing less today. I'll be supporting you in this break. :D

  3. Thanks for the chance to share!

    My most-read post of May was about the end of the world:

    I am a pretzel kind of guy, so that would be my snack of choice, although I'm not sure I could go without ice cream.

  4. What do you care most about in this world?
    The obvious answer is my family, but I am truly concerned with showing Christ to others.

    If you're a blogger, what's the best post you've written in the past month?
    I've written several quirky ones, but my favorite was about being a bridesmaid for the first time.

    And most importantly, if you could only eat desserts or snacks for the rest of your life, which would you pick?
    Desserts. Easy!

    My name is Dana and I'm from a small town in West TN. My blog is I'm a social worker who is working on her MSW and I love meeting new people.

  5. Hey, girl!

    I would have to say I care most about impacting, assisting and then following in the wake of the next generation of Christ's brothers and sisters.

    I haven't written much in a bit. I write letters to my senior students when they graduate. I wish I could share the content of some of those, but I can't.

    Yes, most importantly, indeed. My favorite snack it Cheezits and Coca-Cola. Chased by chocolate, followed by more Cheezits and Coca-Cola. You may notice a self propelling cycle here. You can alternate and as such eat/drink each indefinitely.

    My name is Kim. I'm presently, as in 20 years now, residing in Alabama. I'm from Athens, GA. I blog ( mainly about my adventures in teaching and spiritual formation) at

  6. What do you care most about in this world?  

    I care most about seeing people find themselves in Jesus. I love when people walk in their identity and live passionate and intentional lives. I want to be someone that helps others do that.

    If you're a blogger, what's the best post you've written in the past month? 

    I'm pretty happy with my latest post called The Best Motivator:

    And most importantly, if you could only eat desserts or snacks for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

    Any kind of gummy candy. Gummy cokes, bears, worms. Make them sour and I'm set for life.

  7. Hey, I forgot to answer the first question.

    Apart from family and faith, I care the most about words, because I think stories are the most powerful force in the universe.

  8. Oooh, news? I'm nosey. :)

    I would pick desserts! I have such a sweet tooth.

  9. @Shelly, of course you're one of my favorites! You have been such an encouragement to me. And may I just say that your 31 Days series was great, even for a non-parent like me.

    @Kristin, now I'm curious how you came to be passionate about ending slavery. I think I should come on down to TX so we can sit on a porch, drink sweet tea, and hash it out. And pot stickers? Really? That is an interesting choice!

    @Shawn, you are fast becoming one of my new fave bloggers! So glad to have connected with you on Twitter. Peanut butter filled pretzels have been a standby snack of mine for awhile.

    @Dana, nice to hear from you! I'll have to check out your bridesmaid post. We social workers must stick together!

    @Kim, can't wait til we see each other again! You'll be glad to know that I'm currently snacking on Cheez-its. Before that I enjoyed some Ben & Jerry's Volun-tiramisu. It was amazing!

    @Tony, I love hearing about your heart for others. Also loved today's post- you always make me think. Surprised to hear that gummy candy rules- that's not the typical choice but you can't go wrong with Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish.

    @Shell, hee hee! To be revealed soon. Hope people aren't let down once they hear it:)

  10. I'm new-er-ish around here. You have drawn me in your book posts, that make me feel all fuzzy and happy.

    I would pick desserts. Like cookies. OR Orange ice cream with chocolate slivers in it. YUM!

    You can't just announce news and then keep us waiting!

  11. Okay. I'm curious!

    What do I care about? Besides what's been mentioned above, I care about stories and laughter and people.

  12. De-lurking? :) Ha!

    I see you're in Tennessee? I was born in Jackson, but do not remember my time in that great state, as we moved when I was no larger than a fried pickle myself. :)

    My best blog entry? I think today's is pretty good (that is, if you like it when people acknowledge their own stupidity):

    Oh yes, and you said we're best friends now because I recommend music freely: Did you download anything I recommended? I am most curious. :)

    Peace to you. Toodles.

    - Chad

  13. Hey Leigh!
    What am I passionate about? Where to begin...Eating ethically, refugee care, birth/breastfeeding and community. That would be the short list. :)

    I haven't written a lot recently, but this was a favourite recent adventure:

    I like both sweet and savoury, so this is a hard choice. Can I combine them? Chocolate dipped bacon lollipops anyone? :)

    I've really enjoyed your recent fiction series. Brought back a lot of memories. :) I'm planning a trip to Washington, DC. What would you recommend?

  14. I care most about helping others discover, develop and share their God-given gifts.

    One of my favorite posts was Running the Miles.

    I'd go for snacks over desserts. I figure there's more potential variety - and when I'm hungry, I'll eat just about anything!

  15. @FromTracie, I'm so glad you liked the book posts! Orange ice cream? I'm envisioning orange sherbert with chocolate shavings but I'm guessing actual orange ice cream would be better:)

    @Leanne, hold your horses, there. I might not announce anything until I guest post for @JenLuit on the 28th. You've all got a few more weeks to go!

    @Chad, yes, I've lived in Nashville a year now. I've not been to Jackson but I've heard of it! We are still best friends but I've barely been home this week so no downloads as of it. Plus, I prefer CD to mp3 so I may just listen online until I pony up. But your recommendations were pure gold! Keep them coming.

    @alittlebitofgrace, well, hello! It's been awhile since we chatted. I would totally try a chocolate dipped bacon lollipop! Sounds like the best of both worlds. When I visited my brother in the fall, we went to DC for a day and went to the Holocaust museum. It blew me away! Definitely worth spending a day there. It's close to the mall so you can check out all the monuments, walk by the White House, and so on. Enjoy your trip!

    @Larry, sounds like a good mission in life. I can understand the logic of choosing snacks. I'd be with you on the variety front but I'd miss sugar too much.

  16. It's my first time here! I clicked over from Milkmaid Mama's because she mentioned you and books. Books? I'm there!

    Best post? Well, one of my favorites is Balcony or Basement ... or A Brand New Babe. They're like your kids -- it's hard to pick a favorite!

  17. @Laura, thank you for stopping by! Milkmaid Mama is a good blog friend of mine. I do heart books an awful lot:)

  18. Several times during my life I've heard myself say that "I am in a time or transition" but I suppose that it has never been more true than now.

    1. After living for 39 years in a house that we built, we are trying to sell & move - somewhere, but don't know where.

    2. After being active in church life for nearly 60 years, I find myself among the group of post-church refugees. I'm trying to figure out who I am now that my church kid identity no longer fits.

    3. After dabbling with blogging off & on for a couple years, I think that it's time for a transition there - time probably to figure out what direction I want to go with my blog. First decisions involve clarifying my goals(s) and determining whether to "go public."

  19. @Kaye, that is definitely a lot of transition! Thank you for sharing it here. Praying it all works out in the right way and in the right time.


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