Sunday, May 8, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My mother is beautiful inside and out.  She is by far my biggest cheerleader, yet she is naturally encouraging to everyone she meets.  In fact, were you to meet her at the grocery store, you might find yourself spilling out your life story and walking away with a better sense of self, purpose, and who God created you to be.  Does this sound like anyone you know?  (I like to say my mom is the friendlier version of me.)

My mom exudes faith. Her relationship with God is the most important thing.  This has set a wonderful example for me and my brother. If Mom says she's praying for you, then you know that she is.  I hope someday to be at least half the woman she is.

This is the first Mother's Day since college that I will not be with Mom.  Living in another state has made me appreciate who she is even more.  I was lucky to live close to my parents the last several years and was spoiled to just pop in their house whenever I wanted.  Visits home mean more now, as I prioritize who to see and when. 

This will be Mom's 4th Mother's Day without her mom.  I know there are many for whom this day is bittersweet, whether you've lost your mom or whether you're waiting and hoping to become a mother yourself. 

I am blessed to be my mother's daughter and my grandmother's granddaughter. I hope that someday I'll experience the blessing of being some little person's mother.  Until then, I celebrate the love I have in my life.

Mom, thank you for all you do.  I love you more than words can say!


  1. I love your posts. You are talented friend!

  2. Leigh, I am the blessed one, dear daughter. Thank you for such a special post. What an honor to be your mother. You are always in my heart...I love you forever...Mom

  3. What an incredibly beautiful post! I love how you expressed what a wonderful person your mom is.


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