Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I was a Senior Hottie (Class of 1998)

My friend Liz at A Belle, a Bean, and a Chicago Dog is hosting an "I Was a Senior Hottie" link up from May 25-30. I can't pass up the opportunity to post potentially embarrassing pictures of myself and my friends. Of course, I'm joining in, albeit a day early.

You can too!  Just post a picture from homecoming, prom, graduation, or whatever part of senior year you feel like sharing.

My style changed throughout high school.  Freshman year was my grunge phase, thanks to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Then I morphed back into hippie by sophomore year. The rest of high school was a blend of hippie, preppy, and T-shirts and jeans.

It was hard to select the best pictures so I'm giving y'all a sampling today.  Here I am, in all my Class of 1998 glory.  Interesting fact: I am 17 or 18 in all of these pictures and do not look it. I am 31 now and still don't look my age!

 I look so wise and mysterious in my senior portrait. The photographer never told me to smile! He just took the serious yearbook pictures and then we were done. I remember Tracy and I went with our moms for make-up tips at the Clinique counter a few days before. I was never a big make-up person in high school, though I wanted to wear it so badly in junior high!

 I loved Big Sweaters! They made me feel even smaller than I already was.  I'm still a sweater fan but I try not to keep them as voluminous.

 Hanging with my friends. I believe this is the night we first watched Dawson's Creek. I am so Team Pacey!  Here we have a nice representation of 1990s style: overalls, big sweaters, oversized T-shirts.

Posing with my first car, a 1987 Chevy I bought for $500. It was a good A to B car. Note my jean shorts and casual blue sleeveless shirt, complimented by my sandals. I was all about casual this day.

I LOVED my prom dress! Senior prom was the second high school dance I went to and this dress made it seem magical.  I loved the sequins on the top, the flowing material on the bottom. I finally donated it to Cinderella's Closet last year. Parting was such sweet sorrow.

Prom pictures with my best friends. Everyone wore long, formal dresses to prom. Unless you were a skank but I really don't remember anyone in a short dress.  Annie's (in the white) dress was actually a wedding dress, making her the biggest spender of all of us.
Graduation day with Annie.  We were all about the gold and blue.  Go Falcons!

What was your high school fashion like?


  1. Awww I love old pictures! I totally remember the overall stage...I actually wore my mom's wedding dress to graduation. (We Canadians don't really do prom....) It was perfect, simple, off white, classic...somehow it didn't matter to me that my parents were in the throws of a nasty divorce and I was wearing the ultimate reminder of their failure....oops! I look back and it doesn't seem all that dated...it was very me and I went with one of my best friends at the time so his parents could "mediate" my parents at the table! As for the rest of high school....let's just say the clothes are only slightly better than my missionary kid wardrobe!

  2. Ahhh, Leigh, I love all of these! Can't believe you have a photo of me rocking the overalls-over-sweater look. Wow.

  3. OMG!! First, I LOVE the gold reflection! Second, reading, "Team Pacey" made me laugh. Third, we were blue & gold, too!

    Oh, and you used the word skank?!?! Ha!

  4. @Jenn, I want to see a picture of you in that dress! I'm sad to hear that Canadians don't do prom.

    @Ruth, I'm sure I have even better pictures of us from grammar school. Hmmm. That could be interesting...

    @Shelly, Falcon pride for life:)

    @Liz, the gold reflection is classic late 90s senior portrait. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if we referred to Those Girls as skanks back then but it seemed to fit as I was writing the post:)

  5. Love the pics, so similar in fashion-sense to mine. We were also blue and gold.

  6. beautiful then and beautiful now :) Thanks for showing your stuff on the linkup!

  7. Cute! So, so very cute! I love the kick-the-heel-up pose!

  8. Darling!! I love photos in front of cars! It is such a great way to date things.

  9. You look the same girl. Seriously. You haven't changed! Love your car - I had a Oldsmobile that was similar! ;)

  10. I love these - also I think you bought my high school car.

  11. I remember having my picture taken with my first car too.

  12. So glad to find another Team Pacey! I silently judge those who were Team Dawson.

    Love the prom porch pose.

  13. The prom dress picture with the leg in the air is classic.

  14. The prom dress is beautiful and so are you. Love the picture of the car. Nothing like a little freedom.

  15. Definitely Team Pacey!

    I LOVED overalls.

  16. I had to stop and think where my prom dress went!
    Then i remembered my mom had it altered and wore it herself!
    THAT's how awesome it was!

    you are the cutest thing EVER!
    So tiny and cute.
    your prom picture is adorable and you look so excited.

  17. I feel so loved everyone! Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my special "leg kick" prom pose and classic car. Those were the days!

    Team Pacey for life!

  18. Oh man, I have sooo many photos of this variety. Ruth, I have lots of sweater+overall combos of you.

    Leigh, I am wondering: did you actually buy my first car? It looks kinda like it and I don't remember what happened to that one, just that I got my sister's old 92 Ford once it had been half crunched up in an accident and thus was worthless to her...

  19. @Lindsay, yes, that is your old car! I remember waiting for my mechanic to look it over and how we couldn't get the trunk to unlock. I don't remember why you/your mom sold it to me but it was a bargain. I ended up selling to to my brother a couple of years later.

  20. Leigh: NICE. That makes me happy. And it's actually even older - 1986, I think! Favorite part: the old cigarette boxes holding the glass over the dials in place.

    The best part of the car is that it's super bad ass to say you got your first car, a 1986 Chevy Cavalier, for $500. It's impressive.

  21. A joyous retreat to the good old days. Also, why did I buy a wedding dress for prom? At least it was put to good use as an actual wedding dress for a friend later in its life! Also, I think you gave me that red sweater with the horizontal lines at some point...it's quite familiar...

    We were such teenage hotties!!!

  22. I am mortified to admit that I wore overalls well after college, even. OMG! That doesn't translate to hottie, does it? lol

    and I was Team Pacey, too!


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