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Best Book Series (Book Nerds Unite)

Which is better? Discovering a new author, by which you can tear through their backlist or discovering a new series and tearing through without having to wait for each. successive. book. to. come. out?

Both options are pretty grand but there's something about the instant gratification of a newly found series that gets me every time.  Mind that my favorite series listed below were sometimes discovered after the final book was written and sometimes after the first one or two. There's something to be said about the agony of waiting for each installment, talking about it with other friends and book lovers. It's like a secret club.

#BookNerdsUnite continues with my picks for Best Book Series:

Anne of Green Gables- L.M. Montgomery Who doesn't root for the red haired orphan as she wins over the Cuthberts and, even better, Gilbert Blythe? Oh for some raspberry cordial!  I loved all the books but the movies are especially sigh-worthy.  Did anyone else watch them as much as me? 

The Boxcar Children- Gertrude Chandler Warner This series was so special to me growing up. The idea of siblings that were so close, who banded together and did what they could to survive. And then it has a happy ending! Great to read to kids.

The Chronicles of Narnia- C.S. Lewis I just love Aslan.  It's hard to pick a favorite from the series, though Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe stands out, as does The Last Battle.  Lewis paints such amazing tales. Good to read when I was a child and even better as a grown up.

Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen- Robin Jones Gunn I started reading Christy's books when we were around the same age and then continued on with Sierra's stories.  Great teen Christian characters that I could relate to.  I read a few of them for kicks a couple of years ago and I still liked them!

Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling I did my best to resist reading these books despite mulitple recommendations- I knew I would get sucked in. And I did. I caught up just as the final book was released. Rowling powerfully wrapped up the series. And yes, it did make me cry.

The Hunger Games trilogy- Suzanne Collins Another series I was sure I wouldn't be interested in. It sounded too sci-fi and gruesome.  At a friend's insistence, I borrowed the first book while I was at a conference. I was so captivated by Katniss's plight that I would sneak a few pages at every session break. I was obsessed!  Totally Team Peeta, for those that are interested.

Outlander Series- Diana Gabaldon: A friend lent me the first book in this series for my birthday. Definitely a gift that kept giving. The tale of time-traveling World War II era Claire and 1740s Scot Jamie is obsession-worthy. The books are very saucy at times and Gabaldon does not spare her reader from the blood and guts associated with battle wounds and disease. She does an impressive amount of research for each book (generally 600-900 pages long apiece); Gabaldon takes us from the Scottish Uprising of 1745 through Revolutionary War America. After book 3 I started pacing myself because I wasn't ready for the series to be over. Seven books have been released but now Outlander fans must wait another couple of years before Jamie and Claire's story will continue.

Twilight- Stephenie Meyer I read all 4 books in a week and a half.  I never thought I'd like a book about vampires but it truly is so much more than that. I could identify with some of Bella's hopes and fears and fell in love with Edward along the way. Let me be clear: my imagination is SO much better than anything those movies have come up with. The Edward in my mind is way hotter too.

Zion Covenant and Zion Chronicles series- Brock and Bodie Thoene Compelling fiction placed during WWII and its aftermath. I love this time period and the Thoenes give expert attention to historical detail.

Stay tuned for more reasons why Leigh Likes Books:

Agree? Disagree? What are your favorite series?

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  1. I have tried a hundred times to get my kids to read The Boxcar Children--I loved those books when I was a kid. You know what? My kids think they are creepy. We just had a discussion about this THIS WEEK, and here's what they said. "It's just creepy and weird that a bunch of kids would be living in an abandoned railroad car without any parents and just their grandpa. That's just not right."

    They do have a point.

  2. Haha I must be a series kind of girl....I have read everything on this list except the hunger games! I think my favourite books series by far though is francine river's Mark of the Lion. Oh the days of Christy and Sierra....I read all the Mandy books too before I was old enough for the others. I was obsessed with the little house on the prairie books too.

  3. I was nodding my head through the whole list!! And wow, I had totally forgotten about the Zion Chronicles, ate those up so many years ago, awesome to remember!! :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anne of Green Gables is one of my absolute favorites!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Good to know that some people grow-up HopefulLeigh. I remember a girl from my year wanted to ruin my prom and supposedly was going to tell my then boyfriend at the time I had cheated on him (which was completely not true). Thankfully she didn't end up following through with her plan. Definitely don't miss the drama mamas...although I was one too :)

  5. I love Anne, but movies are truly better!
    I'm not so much a serial reader but did LOVE CS Lewis' Trilolgy Perelandra, Hideous Strength, Out of the Silent Planet. Also Love, L'Engle -Austin Family Series and her Trilogy: Wrinkle, WInd in the Door and Swiftly TIlting Planet. Do those count?

    Oh, yeah! The SInger, The Song, The Finale- Calvin MIller. Read Zion Chronicles, too.

  6. I read the Elizabeth Gail series as a kid -- those were great!

    I'm a huge HP fan and love Chronicles of Narnia.

    I usually read mysteries, and the one series I can't stop reading is the Sebastian St. Cyr mysteries by C.S. Harris. Check them out if you haven't

  7. @Shelly, clearly your children are jaded:) I don't want to think that such a timeless series is creepy...but I can kind of see their point.

    @Jenn, I loved the Mandy books! Grandmother's Attic was another fave. And I cannot believe I forgot to list Little House on the Prairie! I think I'm all jumbled because I haven't listed my childhood faves yet so I'll have to tack it on there.

    @Heatherly, just one more reason why we're friends:)

    @Jill, we are so on the same page when it comes to good books. I decided not to list the House of Night books- they're enjoyable but they don't even come near Favorite status.

    @Adventures, nice to see you on here!

    @Kim, A Wrinkle in Time will be discussed at length next week. All of those books totally count! Wrinkle is my fave in the series and I decided to save it for my Childhood list. Haven't read the Calvin Miller ones...

    @Kristin, I forgot about Elizabeth Gail! Loved those too. I haven't heard of the Sebastian St. Cyr mysteries before- I'll definitely check them out!

  8. I love a good series. I really enjoyed Ann Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I hated Twillight and am not a vampire fan, but these were a great story, the spin off series, The Mayfair Witches was great too. I also loved Steig Larson's Millenium Trilogy, it took a little to get into, but once I did, I couldn't stop turning the pages. I read the Hunger Games and quite enjoyed it, but I read it after another series that was similar, but better. It's my all time favourite, despite being for a teen audience. I read it at 36 and loved it. You must read John Marsden's "When the war began" series. Australian author and the story is set in Australia (where I live) and it is fantastic. A group of teenagers camping in remote bushland return home to find Australia has been invaded and taken over by a foreign (and never identified) army. Riveting story.

  9. I much prefer to "discover" a new-to-me author, so I can then read every older book on their list! (Patience is not really my thing, you know.) I loved Harry Potter, too, after resisting for so long. I knew I'd love them, though - I just didn't know how much! And yes, Hunger Games was gruesome. I don't know that I care to see the movie. But I can't wait to read the other two books in the series!!

  10. I love so many of these (and some of the ones mentioned in comments too, Grandma's Attic, Little House books) My daughter has been reading the Boxcar Children and Nancy Drew and Grandma's Attic, and Anne books, and Chronicles of Narnia this year...and it has been a lot of fun for me (because I've been re-reading them when she is done!).

    I resisted the Harry Potter books, but last month a friend sent me the first one. I read it in one night and I'm hooked.

    The impatient part of my likes coming into a series late so that I can go get the next book as soon as I finish the one before. But it is nice to go through them at the same time everyone else does. Really? I just love books, anyway I can get them.

    I'm thinking I want to re-read the Zion Covenant and Zion Chronicles series, it has been several years since I've read them, and they were really good.

  11. Anne of Green Gables was one of my favorite book series! Read most of the rest of them too! Good picks!

  12. love the language of Anne of Green Gables

    The Shadow Children Series by Margaret Peterson Haddix

    Alex Rider Adventures By Anthony Horowitz

    Love Boxcar Children and am currently reading The Hunger Games

    Good picks. Love these lists


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