Friday, May 27, 2011

Awkwardness in Aisle Eleven and a New Writing Opportunity

About a month ago, I learned about a new site The Well Written Woman from my blog friend Alise.  When I told Alise that it sounded interesting, she advised me to send them a pitch.  At first, I balked. Who, me? Then I gathered courage and did just that.  Marvel of marvels, I am now one of their regular contributors!  Once a month I'll represent single ladies or talk about grief, loss, and end of life issues.  My first piece for Well Written Woman is up today.
They say that grocery stores are a good place to meet Mr. Right. Ah, the all-knowing, all-wise They.  I've read numerous articles in which single women are encouraged to strike up conversations with said cute guy about how ripe the melons are or which vegetable is their favorite.

I always roll my eyes when I read this. First, the suggested conversation starters end up sounding so, oh, I don't know, dirty. Let me get this straight.  You want me to go up to some random guy and ask him how ripe a melon is? And you think he's going to take that question- and me- seriously? Double entendres don't appear to be the best way to meet my future husband...
Click here to read about my flirting trials and tribulations at the grocery store. Spoiler alert: it doesn't go well. And, if you wouldn't mind, leave a comment on the site so that Cam and Lauren know they made a good decision in having me come aboard!


  1. That's awesome! Good for you...going to read right now.

  2. It was a great post! I responded but it showed up as my facebook and not my blog. Oh well!

  3. I liked it :) Good job and I left a comment there too! I will stumble your article too :)

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