Thursday, May 26, 2011

#30: Go to Arrington Vineyards

It seemed appropriate to celebrate my first year in Nashville by also crossing off another item from my 32 Things.

I'd heard much about Arrington Vineyards.   It's hard to pass up on opportunity to spend time on beautiful land, complimented by a free wine tasting.  It was rather last minute but luckily I have spontaneous friends!
There was a bit of a wait before we could have our tasting so we bought a bottle of red and headed out to sit by the picnic tables.  We'd just about settled when it began to rain.  And then pour.

We huddled under an awning, befriending people around us and continuing to sip our wine until the storm cleared. One man may have detected that he was surrounded by Midwestern gals, plus Elizabeth, our token Southerner.  I can't win with my accent these days!  I sound "too Chicago" for the South but whenever I go home, everyone makes fun of my newfound drawl.  I'm a MidSouthern hybrid.

 With Elizabeth and Rachel

 Janell and Casi

Finally our tasting began. Arrington offers about a 1 oz. sample of 4 wines. The steward was cute and generous, offering an extra wine to sample.  I loved the wines I tried but it's the smallest tasting I've ever had.  But free is free and I shall not complain!

 Something about holding a wine glass makes me feel more cultured and intelligent. Or at least look the part.

Casi, Janell, Elizabeth, me, Shannon, and Rachel having fun

After the tasting, Elizabeth, Tracy, and I headed over to Shannon's family farm for an amazing dinner spread.  I love spending time on farms, mostly because if reminds me of my grandparents' farm. Open land, crops, various animals. I'm very much a suburban girl but the country speaks to me of comfort and refreshment.

 Tracy, resident best friend and woman extraordinaire

Shannon and Elizabeth: my "favorite" coworkers
I ate to my heart's content, as we laughed and talked the night away.

It was relaxing to spend time at the vineyard. But the best part of this day? Looking at my friends and realizing how blessed I am. While I've known Tracy half my life and knew Casi from back home, the rest of these friendships have grown over the past year. These ladies are keepers.

Do you prefer red or white? Do you have a vineyard or winery near you?


  1. SO FUN! Glad I got to be there to celebrate 1 year! :)

  2. So glad I could celebrate with you! Looking forward to many more adventures and celebrations!

  3. So glad that both of you were there. Can't wait for our next outing there. Midwestern Transplants Rule!!!

  4. I just like enjoying a glass with friends, either one is fine with me! So glad I got to join you as you crossed one of your items off your list. This was my first trip to Arrington Vineyards too, glad I finally did this.


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