Monday, March 28, 2011

Meeting a Meat and Three

Wednesday night I posted on Facebook that I was headed to my first Meat and Three, something I'd never heard of prior to moving here.  True to form, all my friends and family back home responded with "What the heck is a Meat and Three?"

A Meat and Three is pretty much just as it sounds. You have a choice of meat and 3 sides, ranging from mashed potatoes to lima beans, though sometimes it's 2 or 4 sides.  Wikipedia defines this as a staple of rural cuisine, with a prix fixe menu. 

In the Single Ladies Supper Club, the hostess has the option of cooking in her home or selecting a restaurant for our dining pleasure.  Rebecca suggested we head to Southern Bred, which is one such place.

Located in East Nashville, Southern Bred comes across as unassuming. The decor is simple and diners are seated at wooden family tables or booths. Drinks are served in glass canning jars, a nice touch.  And then they bring out the bread basket and you know you're in the right place.  The small biscuits and cornbread muffins were amazing!

The menu offers many options, from the traditional Meat and Three to salads.  I also hear they serve a mean brunch.  Since this was my first Meat and Three experience, I opted for that day's special: Poppyseed Chicken served over Saffron Rice, with a side of mashed potatoes and broccoli. 

My friends all ordered different things and seemed pleased with their choices.  Paige, Rebecca, and Elizabeth insisted that Rachel and I try the fried okra since neither of us had experienced that particular delicacy before.

Hello fried okra!

Love fellow Midwestern transplant Rachel's expression as she figures out a kind way to say 
she wasn't feeling the fried okra.

I, on the other hand, absolutely loved it!  What's not to love about a fried vegetable? 

I don't normally take pictures of my food but I wanted to be sure the folks back home have a mental image to accompany today's lesson on Southern culture

In short, I loved Southern Bred.  The only way it could improve would be if they added fried pickles to the menu.  (Hint, hint.)

Now I don't think that all Meat and Threes are as wonderful as Southern Bred. In fact, I live a few blocks from one that looks all kinds of sketchy. However, since I love to eat meat and I love most of these sides, I think Meat and Threes will remain a part of my Southern culinary experience.

Are you pro-Meat and Three? If you live in the Nashville area, what is your favorite Meat and Three?


  1. What can I say, I was unimpressed! ;)

  2. Oh, I love, love, LOVE fried okra! Especially dipped in Ranch dressing. Yum!

  3. Not a fan of okra, but I love the meat and three. I have never heard it called that before but we eat that kind of meal all the time. If you ever are down in Oklahoma, look me up I can take you to many fried pickle places. Our favorite place right now is Jake's Barbecue in Chickasha, they have fried pickles.

  4. Hey Leigh! I'm actually leaving a comment - aren't you shocked? :) My fave meat & three is definitely Barbara's Home Cookin'. Just a tiny old house on a random road...but man-oh-man the rolls alone will keep you coming back for more!


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