Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Search of Content

Whatever your niche in life, when you join social networks, the goal is to pepper your biblical content with interesting, culturally relevant, humorous, entertaining posts that uniquely bring God's voice into your area of wonderment of expertise.” -@StickyJesus, p. 160

This week I've been trying to answer two valuable questions for anyone involved with blogging and social media.
  1. Where do I get my ideas from?
  2. How do I decide who (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to follow?
As we've discussed throughout this @StickyJesus Read-Along, there are many things clamoring for our attention, both on-line and in real life. It's important to sift the good from the bad, as well as identify your go-to sources for inspiration...
I'm guest-posting at Michelle Sarabia's in a continuation of our @StickyJesus Read-AlongClick here to read the rest...

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  1. love that post! I hope that people continue to seek out blogs that will enrich their lives. I know that blogging and the bloggers that I follow (your one of them)deeply enriches my life and faith. There are so many people out there searching for love and blogging is another way that we can show God's love to others.I follow those blogs that appeal to where I am right now in life and I think that most people do too.
    Question since you are a blogging expert? The labels that we put at the bottom of our blogs, is there a spot where we can find others that blog with the same labels? What happens to them?


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