Monday, March 21, 2011

Got Coal?

You may remember that I'm a part of the Adventure Project Tribe.  You may also remember that I gave my brother coal for Christmas so that a Haitian family could have a charcoal-efficient stove.  This may be the only time my brother was happy to get coal for Christmas.  I kid, I kid.  He is all about generosity and helping others.  This gift was the perfect fit for him and his "I don't want any Christmas presents" ways.

The Adventure Project has undertaken a new initiative that I'm super excited about!  We are being given an awesome opportunity, not just here, but uniting with 100 other bloggers and their readers to make a difference.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for details.

And now I have to know: Did you or your siblings ever get coal for Christmas?  

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  1. My sister has gotten coal!! She and my uncle started regifting each other the same box of coal a few years ago. It started with a conversation about how one of them was "getting coal for Christmas next year," and then one of them had the other in our "Secret Santa" thing, and it went from there. I had to laugh last year when my mom went, "This [the coal] needs to make an appearance again." Because it had been forgotten the year before, I think... :P


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