Thursday, March 24, 2011

Becoming Sticky

"The testimonies of grace, forgiveness, redemption, and new life are echoing through cyberspace- if you listen." -p. 165
"[This book] is, however, a wake-up call about how you spend your time online- connecting, serving, and leading the conversation in such a way that others will seek to know Christ personally."  -p. 171
It's hard to believe that the @StickyJesus Read-Along is through.  Toni and Tami's words have given me much to think about the last couple of months. 

When I started the book, I was trying to figure out my purpose with this blog.  As I end the book, I feel I have some clarity on my blog's purpose but I'm also looking at how I can further connect with all the social media I regularly engage in.  It's not just about my purpose here, but also Facebook and Twitter, and realizing that it's not about me.  Even if that's how social media can sometimes make it seem.

My purpose is found in directing people to Christ.  I've always known that, some years more clearly than others.  But to apply it online, even when I was blogging about what God was teaching me, didn't seem as obvious. 

I realized that I don't always see myself as a Sticky Person when it comes to the kingdom.

Toni and Tami have taught me that my story is sticky indeed but not because of who I am or what I've been through.  It's because of how Christ has redeemed that story and because I am open to how He will use it in the lives of others. 

Thank you, Toni and Tami, for writing @StickyJesus and engaging your readers with its truths. (My memory of meeting you both at Blissdom still makes me giggle.)  Thank you, Michelle, for hosting the Read-Along.  And thank you, dear readers, for sticking with me, a girl who is flawed yet hopeful about how her story will unfold. Your encouragement means more than you'll ever know.

This post was written for the @StickyJesus Read-Along hosted by Michelle Sarabia.

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  1. So grateful to you sweet friend! May this not be an ending but only a beginning.

  2. Hmmm I never thought about it being "sticky" but I dig it! Great post

  3. Leigh - you & this post is why @stickyJesus exists. You are walking, talking, loving, blogging redemption and you are beautiful. Flawed women of God are the most powerful, compassionate, insightful creations on this planet and when they write—well, watch out! You are fertilizer to empty ground. I am so grateful I found your blog. I'll be back often. We'll stick together far beyond this space. Tweetup is coming soon! Love you and your sticky heart! Keep blogging—the angels enjoy the sound of your keys reaching for heaven & sharing the truth that lights up this earth, eternally!

  4. Your blog always makes me hopeful. God always uses flawed people the most to grow God's kingdom. Look who Jesus chose as his disciples; simple flawed people who would ultimately change the world with their stories. Sounds like we are on the right track. This sounds like a book I need to read.

  5. love this concept of becoming sticky for the sole purpose of leading others to Christ.

  6. Hi! Visiting over from Beautiful Because. Really really love this post.

    The fact that people tell you that you aren't "Christian enough" because of the things you stated makes me angry. It's also why I don't talk about my faith. I just try to show it in everything I do. Well written post. Thank you so much for sharing and reassuring me that I'm not the only faithful liberal out there...


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