Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So Long Sugar

When I was a little girl, ice cream was a very special treat and not something one enjoyed every week, unless you were my father.  At some point, maybe high school, Mom and Dad stopped monitoring my ice cream intake.  One or two scoops became three or four.

There was that incident in college where I ate almost a whole gallon of Rocky Road.  By myself.  In one sitting.  Of course, that's disgusting and horribly unhealthy but there's a part of me that is proud of my eating abilities.

Challenge me to anything food-related and I'll take you on, whether it's giant ice cream sundaes (The Kitchen Sink at Colonial- twice), steak (Ecuador mission trip) or Thanksgiving dinner (regularly outeat my cousin Pat.)  I don't overeat on a daily basis but it's a little too easy for me to push the envelop.  It's rather sickening when you consider the number of people that daily go without food.

As I mentioned in my recent guest post for Mary Kathryn's Made to Crave Read-Along, I'm not sure when my relationship with dessert transitioned from rare treat to daily expectation.  It's not normal to eat cookies for breakfast.  It's not normal to eat dessert twice a day.  It's not normal to think it's abnormal if I haven't had any sugar that day.

Yesterday marked the first day of Death to Dessert Month, also known as #8 on my 32 Things.  For the month of February, I'm going without dessert.  A few friends felt a whole month was too severe but I think it needs to be a detox of sorts.  However, I will allow myself two "cheat" days. I'm hoping I won't use them and just knowing I have them will be a placebo effect.  I need to reset my thinking on sweet treats.  Too often dessert becomes a way to numb or distract myself.

When this idea first came to mind, I wasn't sure that I could do it and that's why I know I need to try.  Dessert should not have this type of hold on me.  I can't help but wonder how I allow food to mask things that I need to deal with.  How often do I turn to dessert over God when I'm going through hard times?  That's what this month is about.

I'm hopeful that by the end of February I'll have a glimpse of how to handle food-related issues better.  I don't intend to cut dessert out of my life forever but I would like it to go back to being a rare treat instead of an entitlement. I'm hoping it will encourage me to have healthier eating habits.

I've weighed myself and taken my measurements because this is about both the spiritual and the physical.  I'm going to list my weight, not to make any comparisons but for accountability.  My number may seem high to you or it may seem low.  I currently weigh 132.5 pounds, which is more than is recommended for my height and frame. I'm hoping that announcing my weight to you will keep me in line. I'm just accountable to myself, but to you.

I think that cutting out dessert will lead to weight loss, so long as I don't move on to other snack foods instead.  If you know me in real life, please keep cheering me on during this next month and do not tempt me with baked goods!  If you know me by this blog or Twitter, I'd appreciate any prayer or encouragement.

I don't want dessert to be a crutch anymore.  I want to get back into shape...not that I'm not making plans to hit the gym quite yet.  Baby steps.  Death to Dessert Month is the first step.

Do you have any weight-related goals?  What's helping you stick to them?  Might you consider cutting out dessert this month along with me?


  1. Awesome! You can do it. I promise not to send you any cookies. ;) I can't wait to hear as the month goes along. You definitely picked a challenging month since the world bleeds chocolate in February. But God knows your heart, and Internet accountability is a good thing!! ((hugs))

  2. Great job leigh! Before I even read this, I vowed that in February I will work out 3 times a week, half my meals be fruits or veggies, and not stepping on the scale (so it stays about health, and not to compare myself) the entire month.

  3. Oh're a better woman than me. Ice cream is my weakness too. Praying for great things for you!


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