Monday, February 28, 2011

February Somethings

Time for the monthly round-up...

I read: I finished the Read-Alongs for Your Secret Name and Made to CraveJuliet by Anne Fortier was my favorite book of the month and possibly of the year.  I savored this novel which wove from past and present, uncovering the lineage and true story of Juliet and her Romeo.  There was mystery, suspense, and present day romance, all set in Italy.  Absolutely magical.   (I read 7 books this month.)

Currently reading:  The Read-Along for @StickyJesus continues.  1000 Gifts (Voskamp) is even better than I thought it would be.  What's really captivating me these days is A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (Miller).  I'm still mulling over the notion of being a Living Storyteller. For lighthearted fiction, I'm reading Girl at Sea (Johnson) based on a recommendation from The Well-Read Wife. And then I'll be moving on to Blood Done Sign My Name (Tyson), which will not be lighthearted but probably thought-provoking, as part of my virtual Book Club with Kim from Just a Few Thoughts.  Let me know if you're interested in reading a book together some other month.

TV: I still love Glee but I'm exhausted by the sheer number of songs they cram into every episode.  Sometimes simple is better, Glee!  Parenthood makes me cry almost every episode, especially last week when Amber finally confronted her deadbeat dad.  I wanted to hug her.  I also wish I knew whether the songs she sings and plays are her own material or someone else- her voice and the lyrics are amazing!  Vampire Diaries has been throwing some interesting twists and turns in this season but I'm mad that it's taking a break until April.  I still don't know who to root for on Top Chef: All-Stars but some of the recent eliminations have made me sad.  Dale, you totally grew on me! 

Movies: I watched Dinner for Schmucks with Joel and Tracy the other weekend and we were all disappointed.  There are some hilarious, quote-worthy moments but then the plot would overreach and it would be ruined.  This is similar to how I felt about Meet the Parents.  Honestly, how many horrible things can happen to one person?  There's a limit to my belief suspension!

In my kitchen: Topping my kitchen moments this month was learning how to supreme a grapefruit.  It's my new favorite trick!  I've also been making cooked oatmeal from scratch and adding cranberries- absolutely delicious and hearty.  I made Oatmeal Cranberry Pancakes, a very easy and delectable recipe.  I've been passing it on to friends.  I also made Tomato Penne Pasta after Julie from Cup-a Cup-a posted the recipe.  I added chicken and mushrooms and found it to be a keeper.

Listening:  I've hardly stopped listening to The Civil Wars' debut album Barton Hollow. I saw them perform for the third time at the beginning of the month, the day after the CD released in fact, and they were as amazing as ever.  Seriously, if you ever get a chance to see them, cancel your other plans and do whatever you have to do to go.  I haven't bought their CDs yet but I discovered Simon Fagan and The Shakespeares through BriteRevolution and have been loving them.  If Simon lived in the US, I would try to make that happen.  And by that, I mean marry him.  He is dreamy and talented and therefore irresistible to me.

So...what were you into during February?

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  1. Hi. I haven't watched Glee yet. I agree about the movie, Dinner with Schmucks. My husband and I thought it draggggged on forever until they actually had the dinner. Boring.

  2. I'm so glad someone else felt the same way about that movie! So much potential, such a letdown.


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