Monday, February 21, 2011


I lie still as she steps around me.

"Feet!" she cries, and places a baby blanket over my feet with her mama's help.

A Pillow Pet is wedged by my thigh and then a real pillow placed over my head.  A blanket here, a mound of stuffed animals there.

The pitter-patter of feet are my soundtrack as she runs between this room and hers, amassing more items for my cocoon.

The Aero mattress beneath me is comfortable.  I close my eyes and think I could lay here forever.  And all the while, Clifford and Larry the Cucumber and baby dolls join my slumber.

I hear her laugh, pure glee, at her creation. At times, she firmly pats the latest adornment into place, not wanting an inch of my body to be exposed.  I hear her roar as she wields the stuffed mastodon against Clifford. Clifford, of course, will not be undone and I wiggle my body so he can fight back.  This, too, makes her laugh.

I could lay here all night but it's time for me to emerge.  I burst forth from the blankets and toys with a yell, as she throws her arms up and squeals.

And then wants to do it again.

So I lay back down and wait.  And in the midst of her careful blanket placement, invite her to snuggle.  I don't expect her to take me up on the offer but she does, nestling her body against mine. 

We lay there and giggle together.  She shares Pink Animal with me, making sure I have something comforting to hold on to.  Ah, I think. I'm holding on to a two year old wonder.  This is all the comfort I need.

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  1. ohh...girl, aren't his words the,love that book. And yes, we are all weaving some kind of tapestry...we just don't see the other side your words:)


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