Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#21: Finish Organizing the Office

My house was pretty well decorated within a couple of months of moving here.  Except for the office.  I needed  a crucial piece of furniture and because it was not easy to find, the office became the burying ground for still-to-be-unpacked boxes, random projects, and anything that didn't have its own home.

It was a disaster zone and I felt stressed whenever I looked in there.

It should have been the place I did most of my writing.  Instead, it became an excuse for why I wasn't writing.


I write posts for this blog in the living room but my "real" writing requires its own space.  This needed to change.

When I sat down in December to come up with 32 Things, I knew that finally organizing and decorating the office needed to be a priority.  It was holding me back and I knew I would feel better having that space finished.

I've alluded to some changes I've wanted to make and a new direction for my life.  Organizing my office is one of the first steps I needed to take.

After months of searching, I finally found the CD cabinet of my dreams.  Then my parents and brother gave me a very generous birthday checks so I could buy said dream CD cabinet.  Last week it arrived!  It was time to get to work.  This past weekend I unpacked, I stored, I cleaned, I finished projects, and I redecorated until everything was just as I wanted.


Y'all know I love my music.  It's been pure torture not having access to all my CDs the past 9 months, searching through boxes whenever I had a yen for a certain artist.  And yes, I prefer CDs to other music medium.  Just as people hold on to their records, I will be holding on to my CDs until I am old and gray.

The fact that I'm also a book nerd instantly endeared me to this CD cabinet which is fashioned as a library card catalog.  Love, love, love this!
The color wheel, incidentally, is something I painted in a college painting class.  It's a nice spot for it, isn't it?

My grandma's cedar chest with my Thai Inspiration candle holders from PartyLite. 
That's no table!  It's my grandma's sewing machine.  Art supplies underneath, along with my sewing projects.  Such a handy crafting space.  The framed artwork is a pastel piece I did in 8th grade.  I used to love nothing more than sitting with my sketchpad or an easel.

My dad built this bookshelf for me many moons ago.  Even though I'm particular about the books I buy and keep, I'm clearly running out of room here.  

My desk hasn't been this clear in a long time.  Even my inspiration (bulletin) board got an update.

Here's the before:
The bulletin board used to be in the dining room of my apartment.  There was often a quote board for silly things friends would say during parties.  I put up funny comics and inspirational sayings.  This was good for something in the common area.

And the after:
There's still room to grow, as you can see.  One of my favorite new additions is words from Emily Freeman's post "5 Ways to Guarantee Your Art Isn't a Waste of Time."  Her words sink down deep and I will take them to heart as I begin to seriously craft my words.

It felt good to stand in the middle of the room Sunday afternoon and see the fruit of my labor.  This is a space to write and create.  This is the space from which I will write my book.  It's time to dive in and let the writing out.  A notepad is next to my bed for the times the words won't leave me alone, as they often do when I'm in the middle of working.

I'm not able to write full-time yet, not even close, but I know someday I will.  For now, as Mary Kathryn says, I'm doing the thing I must do, so I can do the thing I must do.

Saturday I have a date with my laptop and my office.  My book starts now.


  1. i'm so proud of you, leigh! good job on organizing the office. can't wait to see what transpires!


  2. I can't wait to see what transpires, too:)

  3. Oh, this is all so neat and INSPIRING. Good on you, Leigh! May much happy creating take place there!

  4. LOVE your cd case. Way to organize. I am getting ready to rework my office too. This has been awesome inspiration :)

  5. First, I just found your blog today, via And, I'm glad I did!

    Second, great job on organizing your office! :D

    Third, being a book lover, I had to zoom in on that bookshelf of your's... and (1) it's gorgeous -- your Dad did a great job!, (2) I was SO HAPPY to see that you have Stephanie Meyer's and JK Rowling's books mixed in there with books like the "Systematic Theology", etc. ;) Nice to know I'm not the only Christian gal who also likes to read those kinds of books. ;)

    I've added your blog to my "Frequently Visit" list. Good stuff!

  6. @Cris, in case you need some CD storage of your own, this is where I got mine: Hope your office reorganization goes well!

    @MizB, thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words! I'm also happy to hear you like a good mix of books"_


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