Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rules of Engagement

I admit when I first started reading chapter 4 of @StickyJesus I was a little worried the authors were going to tell me how to pimp out Jesus. Thankfully, they did not, nor did they talk about how we could "sell" Jesus.

Instead, the message was simply how far-reaching and vast Christ's audience was.  His words struck a chord with people then and they continue to reach people 2000 years later.  In marketing speak, He had a sticky message.

He didn't use any tricks or gimmicks.  He was Himself and who that was is someone who knew how to engage others.  He saw right to the heart of things.  No one could hide who they were from Him and yet His love for them became all the more evident.

Relationship over religion.  The truth is Jesus does not always make sense.  It does not make sense to love sinners- not just love them but love them enough to sacrifice His own life for their salvation.

It's easy to think that if we had been face to face with Jesus when He walked the earth, that of course we would have received His message and we would never have denied Him.  I like to think that being able to look into His eyes and be on the receiving end of His ability to relate to others would have been enough for me.  Since I'll never know the answer to that, all I can do is try to live in His footsteps and mirror His actions.

How do I relate to others?  More importantly, how do I engage the people in my life?  

Luckily, this is an area I excel in.  As a social worker, I am an expert at drawing out people's stories, getting them to think about situations from a different angle, and affirming who they are and where they want to go.  I know how to value someone's opinion while not necessarily agreeing with it. I cringe when I see people being "talked to" instead of "related to."  I am an excellent listener.

This is imperative at my job.  However, in my personal life, it can create some lopsided relationships.  I can't exactly be a light for Christ if the other person never stops talking.  I've had to be intentional in sharing parts of my life with friends, instead of lapsing into my role as The Listener.  

Chapter 4 reminded me that I have a message to share.  I want to be someone who people know is a Christian, within minutes of talking to me- even if I'm not bringing up Church, God, Prayer, or the other Christian buzzwords.  I want to be so filled with Christ's love and grace that it overflows from my life into the lives of others.  And I don't want it to just be evident in my life but in my blog and on Facebook and on Twitter.  I guess what I'm seeing is that I want to be that sticky message wherever I am with however I'm interacting with others.

This post was written for the @StickyJesus Read-Along hosted by Michelle Sarabia.

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