Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My 31st Birthday, also known as The Leigh Effect

I woke up Monday morning filled with grand plans of how to celebrate my birthday.  I was excited to unveil my 32 Things Before Turning 32 as well as the summary of my 31 Things.  I was looking forward to a day with Tracy and Anna, starting with breakfast and then an Impressionism exhibit and definitely a cupcake or three.

I got out of bed luxuriously, a leisurely way to begin this day off, and then shuffled to peak outside the front door.  Where this awaited me.

I knew that there was the possibility of snow but I had been hopeful it was a false alarm.  It wasn't and we all know that Tennessee does not view snow the way Illinois does.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've had bad weather luck on my birthday.  When I turned 2, the negative 20 degree, negative 80 windchill conditions kept all party-goers away.  The year I turned 17, many area schools were closed because of icy roads and snow, although my school had stayed open.  Luckily, most of my friends were still able to come to my party, although I question why parents let anyone out on the road.  Canceled parties, no-show guests, changed birthday has seen it all.  I had hoped that moving to a warmer state would end this bad run.  Alas, January 10 has proved the location does not matter when it comes to bad weather.

Never mind that it wasn't snowing during the day.  The two inches of snow shut down schools and many businesses.  There went my plans to go to the Frist and The Cupcake Collection.  Tracy and Anna were ready to forge ahead with Plan B.  Luckily, Pancake Pantry was still open and we didn't even have to wait in line!

A little background on this picture.  First, Tracy gave me that fantastic purple cardigan for my birthday because a) she loves me b) she knows I'm a sweater whore and c) it's so dang perfect for me!  Second, I'm holding a tray of sugar packets.  In high school, college, and let's face it, just a month ago, my best friends I would play the Sugar Packet Game.  This involved trying to toss a sugar packet into each others, um, assets.  Should I be ashamed that we roped our guy friends into playing along and that we found the whole thing to be both funny and innocent?  In any case, Tracy and I did not play the Sugar Packet Game this morning.

Hello, Pecan Pancakes!  These pancakes were quite delicious.  Don't you love the slab of butter on the side?  Pancake Pantry is a Nashville Original and thus counts toward my 32 Things (#26).  Pancake Pantry strikes me as any other diner but it seems to have taken on a mythological status among Nashvillains and tourists alike.

Onward with Plan B of the birthday plans.  They involved watching Anna frolic in the snow and some Red Box movies.
 Seriously, this little girl makes Plan B great.  Even if she was especially wild and rascally that day- she gave me enough spontaneous hugs to make up for it!

Tracy and I watched Twilight: Eclipse (books are still so much better than the movies!) and Easy A (simply hilarious...I liked it more than Mean Girls.)
I took a break before dinner to respond to a few of the Facebook messages, Tweets, blog comments, and emails, as well as talk to my parents on the phone.  Last year my mom and I celebrated my 30th in Asheville, NC.  Now we don't even live in the same state!

Tracy made PW's Butter Chicken for my birthday dinner.  It was delicious and I was too stuffed to eat the special cupcake Anna had made me.  Don't worry, I took it home for later.  Then while Joel watched a championship game of some sort, Tracy and I watched all the crazy that went down on The Bachelor.

It was a great birthday altogether.  Tracy, thanks for making it great and for spending the whole day with me!  You are the bestest of best friends and I'm so glad that we're just blocks away from each other now.


  1. Glad it was fun and full of amazing food! And I am intrigued by Easy-A-as-better-than-Mean-Girls.

  2. Ha ha! My comment is going to be the same as Jill's. Sounds like a fun day! And I was glad to hear you liked Easy A- I was wondering about that on.

  3. Leigh, we were so glad you chose to spend your birthday with us. Sorry Plan A didn't work out, but you had a great attitude about Plan B! Hopefully next year it will be sunny and 70, but then, you might be stuck at work :(

  4. Since we're both Illinoisans turned Tennesseans, you know I love this! You guys got more snowfall than we did, though.

    See you at Blissdom!

  5. Oh Pancake Pantry, how I LOVE thee!

  6. i adore pancake pantry! that was your plan B!? oh, girl. that would have so been my plan a.

    i'm so glad you had the day off from work to enjoy your birthday! glad it was so special!


  7. The response about Easy A has been so funny! Yes, I liked it better than Mean Girls but that might be due to the literary tie-in. I can't help my book nerd ways!

    @MK, Pancake Pantry was the only part of Plan A that remained. They stayed open in spite of the "snow"! I don't know that I've ever not worked on my birthday before but it was my post-call day from the weekend before. Lovely timing, eh?

  8. Your sweater is very cute!

    I am DROOLING over the idea of those pancakes! OMG!!!

  9. Girl, I missed your sorry about that! Looks like a really fun day, though! : )

    Hope you had a wonderful celebration and that this year brings you many blessings!


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