Monday, January 31, 2011

January Somethings

Time for the monthly round-up...

Reading: The Heart of the Matter (Giffin) and Finding Our Way Again (McLaren).  Plus doing Read-Alongs for Your Secret Name, @StickyJesus, and Made to Crave- how on earth did that happen? (I read 7 books this month.)

On deck:  Juliet(Fortier), Divine Appointments (Baumbich). I may be most looking forward to savoring 1000 Gifts (Voskamp) which I won from (in)courage while at Blissdom. I've loved Ann's blog and to read a whole book of her work will be such a treat. This winning has turned out to be one of God's little gifts. Since I've put myself on a CD/book budget this year, I've already had to rein in my impulses. (in)courage and Bloom Book Club announced that 1000 Gifts would be the next book club read, with a discounted price to boot.  However, I knew that 1000 Gifts would put me over budget this month, which would cut into February and there's already a CD that I plan to purchase (see Listening below). So I sadly passed on it and entered (in)courage's giveaway instead. Now I have the book and am still under budget!

TV: Chuck, Glee, Parenthood, Vampire Diaries, The Office, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Top Chef: All-Stars, Brothers & Sisters.  Also sneaking in Kourtney and Kim Take New York when I can.  I have no idea why I find the Kardashians to be interesting.
Movie: Easy A- LOVED it!  Found it to be a smarter, funnier version of Mean Girls.  Twilight: Eclipse- meh. I love the books so much more.  It's interesting to see certain scenes brought to life but the actors don't come close to the characters I envisioned while reading. Step Up: 3D- so-so. I absolutely adored the first two movies. The plot was disappointing but the dancing was phenomenal as always.

In my kitchen: My newest Dinner Club started and it's just what I needed.  I haven't been around for much other cooking this month- the occasional tried-and-true recipe but mostly quick grilled cheese sandwiches or plates of pasta.

Listening:  Now that I have a stereo again and don't have to play CDs via laptop or DVD player, I'm listening to music all the time. I received several CDs for Christmas that I've been wanting and am taking my time with each one. Right now, Bebo Norman's Ocean and The Punch Brothers' Antifogmatic are holding my attention. Side note: cannot wait for The Civil Wars' debut album to be released tomorrow. I'm even more excited to see them perform again this week.

So...what were you into during January?

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  1. Chuck! YAY! We are trying to catch up on that show . . . I think we are in Season Three? I've lost track. I love it though.

    How COOL that you won 1000 Gifts! Such a neat way to God to provide that for you. Fun, fun, fun.

    I'm interested to see that you loved Easy A! I've been curious about that one. I'll have to check it out now.

    Good stuff, Leigh! ♥


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