Monday, January 17, 2011

#10: Go to an NHL game

I've had a few opportunities to go to an NHL game the past few years but it never worked out.  In honor of my 31st year, I thought it was time to rectify that problem.  Tracy and Joel agreed to accompany to my first game.  Luckily for me, the Chicago Blackhawks decided to come into town the same week of my birthday.  It was celebration time!

I snagged some great seats on the lower level since you only celebrate your 31st birthday once.  Well, at least I only celebrate mine once.  I know there are some ladies who like to stay 29 and holding.  Since I don't look a day over 20, I can proudly celebrate my age each birthday.

Is anyone else curious about what a Nashville Predator is?  Maybe that dangling Predator head will give you a clue.  I'm still not sure.

I was so excited to see the Hawks, our resident Stanley Cup champions, take to the ice.  The Blackhawks have not had the best track record against the Predators this season but I didn't care.  It was just fun to cheer for a Chicago team in my new state!  Now if TN had a baseball team playing the White Sox, my life would be complete.  Well, a girl can dream...

Can you see ALL the red in the stands?  I knew there were Chicago fans living in Nashville but I thought I'd be a lone fan in my red sweater.  In fact, it seemed like there was a 50-50 split and my particular section and row was filled with Blackhawks fans.  Red and Black everywhere!  I was also pleased to see some people wearing green Hawks jerseys.  If you're not aware, all the Chicago sports teams have green versions of their stadium wear due to the St. Patrick's Day tie-in.  If SPD doesn't happen during the season, i.e. baseball, there's usually a Halfway to St. Patrick's Day celebration.  We do love celebrating holidays!

Tracy didn't have any particular hockey allegiances so she cheered for the Blackhawks in honor of my birthday for most of the game.  Joel, traitor that he is, cheered for the Preds.

I can't give Joel too much of a hard time though.  He bought me nachos and beer.  Is it really a sporting event if you don't eat nachos?  It might be but I'd rather not know.

The game was intense!  My blood pressure goes through the roof at Sox games and hockey was no exception to that rule.   I find it hard to watch hockey on tv, what with the camera whipping back and forth to follow the puck.  Being there live makes all the difference in the world.  It's like you're a part of the action.  The crowd was really in to it, screaming, cheering, at times jeering. This was a sold-out game, in fact, which has rarely happened for the Preds this season.  Also enjoying the game?  Outgoing Gov. Bredeson- Haslam was sworn into office that very morning.  There were a few shots of actor Zach Galifinakis in a private box- or at least his look-alike.

The Blackhawks scored not once, but twice.  They were mightily outplaying the Predators.  But then, somehow, the Preds scored twice within what seemed like 5 minutes and tied the game.  Do you know what Preds fans do after a shot is scored?  They sing a song along the lines of "You suck" and "We're going to beat the hell out of you."  As Tracy noted, this was sportsmanship at its finest.

My heart just about gave out during the shootout.  I was very disappointed when the Hawks couldn't get a goal past Rinne, especially since Preds managed to get past rookie goalie Crawford.  Still, if your team is going to lose, I'd rather it happen during a shootout than the game itself.  And so the Blackhawks lost to the Predators 3-2.

Overall, I loved my first NHL game!  I hope I'll be able to watch the Blackhawks win the next time they come to town.

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  1. Leigh, I definitely have to meet you at Blissdom next week! I live near Chicago and am a big Blackhawks fan. :) Did you see that the Hawks beat the Preds the very next night (last night, I think it was)?! Big win! Someday you will have to see the Hawks play in Chicago--now THAT is a thrill.


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