Monday, December 20, 2010

What's My Legacy?

"I hail from a legacy of service. My paternal grandparents began volunteering at the local convalescent home before I was born and continue to this day. My grandparents are among their most loyal volunteers, though they’ve had to scale back in recent years due to their own health concerns. My maternal grandparents served at their local parish but also opened up their home to friends and strangers alike. My grandma, in particular, had a gift for caring for the sick and dying, often bringing meals or stopping by to visit. My dad is a carpenter and uses his talent to serve the church and mend homes belonging to single mothers and the elderly. My mom provided respite care for children with special needs when my brother and I were young. She, like her mom, has brought many meals to families experiencing illness or difficulty.
I grew up learning to look out for the needs of others..."
I'm honored to be guest posting at The Justice Journey about the motivation behind volunteering.  Click here to read the rest.

I'm interested to hear about your experiences as a volunteer, the ups and downs, how to keep it consistent, and so on.  What are your best volunteerism tips?


  1. what a great lineage to be from..a long line of big hearted people!! you should be proud! my favorite "volunteer" moment was visiting with all too lonely people at a nursing home. It blessed me more than it blessed them...and reminds all of us that life is not just about us...

  2. thank you, Leigh, for the wonderful post. i truly appreciate the time and thought you took to write a post for me, giving glory and honour to God for heritage.


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