Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Water2Christmas and World Vision

Are you familiar with Meg's blog Whatever?  She's running the Water4Christmas Etsy shop to build wells in western Africa.  The shop is open from December 6-12, with everything guaranteed to get to you by Christmas.  All the items in the Etsy shop have been donated by crafty people and all the profits go toward clean water.  Last year the shop raised enough money to build 2 wells!  Meg was able to go to Africa last year and her posts about this experience are well worth reading.

I love World Vision's Gift Catalog!  There are so many great ideas, both big and small. Best of all, they will all have a high impact on the person or family who receives the gift.  You can give where it's most needed, opt for gifts that will be multiplied, buy a share of an animal, or rescue a sexually exploited girl.  Lest we forget that the United States has its share of problems, you can also focus on ways to help alleviate the troubles of Americans.

One year I gave chickens.  I loved the idea of such small cute things becoming a source of nutrition and income for a family.  Just $25 can change a family's circumstances immeasurably!

A $30 donation of lifesaving food and care is multiplied four times thanks to grants and donated goods.  This will help provide children with the emergency food they need to survive.

How about $32 towards a child's education?  This money pays the child's tuition or goes toward books, uniforms, and school supplies. I can hardly believe this statistic: "Tragically, 75 million primary-school-age children are not in school. One reason? Without the money for basic education supplies like pencils and paper, children from developing countries are often turned away from school because they can’t fully participate."

We are so blessed.  It's easy at this time of year to focus on all the things we want.  However, when I compare my wants to a child's need for food, shelter, and clothing...perspective suddenly shifts back in to place.  We can all give something to make a difference in the life of a child. 

I understand not everyone can take on child sponsorship.  But maybe you could afford a share of a donkey in the meantime?

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