Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thank You...and an Update

I am truly overwhelmed as I write this.  The last few days have had lows but I have been surprised by the highs.  I've reached out to my community and found you to be faithful and true.

Since letting people know Monday night, I and my family have been bathed in prayer.  And in writing about my dad's mystery illness and the possibility of cancer yesterday, the prayer has been extended by those I know and those that exist in the social media community.  All day today I've received text messages, phone calls, emails, Facebook posts, and Tweets with encouragement and assurance of prayer.

While I have had trouble sleeping all week, during my waking hours I feel a peace that surpasses all understanding.  That is prayer at work.

Today my parents will meet with the doctor at 3 pm.  More than anything I hope they leave with answers and guidance, instead of more labs and tests and questions.  I will keep you updated as I hear from them.

100 Joys:
5. Gratitude for the prayers wrapped around my family and especially my dad
6. My Christmas cards arrived today and I am thrilled to send them out!
7. Knowing I'm just 12 books away from reaching my goal of reading 100 books this year
8. Peppermint tea on cold nights

UPDATE: Just got off the phone with my parents.  The doctor is 99% sure that cancer is not indicated and that it's a colon infection instead, as the CAT scan revealed diverticula.  He's starting dad on antibiotics.  If there's no change in 4-5 days, then dad will have a bone marrow biopsy.  If he responds to the antibiotic, he'll go back for bloodwork in 10 days and then an appointment on 12/23 for another check up.  Hopefully we're headed in the right direction!  We're very confused about the previous doctors Dad saw- seems like miscommunication after miscommunication and things don't add up. In any case, we're all relieved it doesn't seem to be cancer after all.  Dad is appreciative of all the prayer and support- it makes a big difference!  I'll continue to keep you updated.  Thanks for everything...

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