Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Sentiments: Lost

Sunday Sentiments is an attempt to record what God has been teaching me and the way in which He does it.

Last night I lost my contact.

People who wear contacts understand that your heart stops in those moments.  Loss of sight, loss of money, loss of being known as responsible with one's belongings.  How soon can a new contact be ordered?  How many days with glasses before it arrives?  It all flashes through your mind as you frantically search for a small speck of plastic.

The drain was plugged with my rubber stopper.  I was sure it hadn't slipped under the stopper.  But what about the drain hole?  Did my contact have gymnastic abilities as it bounced off my palm and then the counter?  I searched all around the counter, moving bottles and soap dishes, wondering whether it rested atop brush bristles.  I combed the carpet of the mat beneath my seat.  I carefully inspected the tops of my socks and the sweater I was wearing.  I warily looked at the floor before stepping back.  One false step and my contact would be history.

Yet, no matter where I looked, I couldn't find it.  There was no telltale glisten to see.

So I stood in my bathroom and prayed.  A contact is no great matter in the grand scheme of things.  There are many things more important than a loss contact but I believe God cares about the little matters of our lives. My prayer might not change the outcome but it stilled my heart amid anxiety and racing thoughts and reminded me of peace and calmness.

I prayed and then I looked one more time.  And there it was, nestled in the fibers of the bath mat.  Had my combing fingers somehow missed it before?  I don't know and it didn't matter. What was lost was found. 

I rejoiced!  I breathed, "Thank you, Lord!"  A sigh of relief.

Then the memory of Luke 15:8-10, the parable of the lost coin.  A woman lost one of her ten coins and carefully searched her house until she found it.  When she finds it, she calls all of her friends to let them know that the lost coin has been found.

Is a lost contact worthy of rejoicing?  I think so.  It's a way of finding joy in the trivial, in the day to day matters we so often overlook.  In this season of conscientious joy, it is important to retain our wonder.

Lost things are found.  Hearts are reunited with God.  A Savior was born to die so that we may live.  What could be more overlooked than a babe born in a stable, sleeping in a manger?  The town of Bethlehem surely overlooked the unknown Majesty in their midst.  But not the shepherds.  Not the wise men.

They took notice and they rejoiced.

May our hearts rejoice as well, in matters of lost contacts, jobs well done, reunions near and far, and the knowledge of a God who loves us so much He sent His only begotten son for us.

I've lost count of the number but this post is part of my 100 Joys.


  1. Love this post,Leigh. It would make a wonderful Christmas letter. I'm SO glad He opened your eyes, both to see your contact & also to see His Majesty. Rejoicing with you in both counts. I love you... Mom

  2. i love it. rejoice despite your circumstances. thank you SO much for participating in this. =)


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