Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mercy House and Noonday

It's the last day of featuring worthy organizations.  Come back tomorrow for the giveaway!

The story behind Mercy House is inspiring.  Kristen not only recognized the problems faced by young girls forced into prostitution in Kenya but she did something about it.  The Mercy Maternity House was formed this past summer with plans to open the home to pregnant girls by the of 2011.

Please pray for their vision and then consider whether you can give by either donating or purchasing something from the Mercy Etsy shop.

I just learned about Noonday via Musings of a Housewife.  Musings of a Housewife, incidentally, is doing a Noonday-related giveaway so hop over there to win one of three items.

The proceeds from any items sold at Noonday Collection go towards funding owner Jessica Honegger's adoption in Rwanda.  There are some seriously amazing things is that shop!  Don't miss Jessica's story about why she's "pleading the cause of orphans."

Well, I know this week was a bit different but I hope you've enjoyed learning about other organizations and causes that are out there.  Maybe you've even gained some ideas for Christmas giving!


  1. i love the week of organizations. thank you for sharing, Leigh.


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