Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Sentiments: Six Months

Sunday Sentiments is an attempt to record what God has been teaching me and the way in which He does it.

Six months ago my life upended.  On May 21, my parents, cousin, and his wife unloaded the moving truck and got me settled into my new house.  I spent the weekend unpacking, moving furniture, and trying not to think about when they would all head back home.  Leave they did, amid many tears on my part.  Until that moment, it wasn't quite real.  I wasn't really moving to Nashville.  I was just coming for my usual visit with a bit more stuff than usual.

Suddenly I had to begin making this my home.  With a month between moving and starting my job, I had plenty of time to continue unpacking, hanging pictures, get a TN drivers license, find a new bank, and a host of other details that accompany moving to a new state.

So much happens in six months.  In fact, I can't believe that I've only lived here that long because it seems like longer.  Nashville truly is home.

There's still much to do.  The office is still mostly a mess of boxes.  I haven't faced my first weekend call at work yet. Friendships are being formed and tested.  I can't quite make sense of the roads and highways, which tend to change names every few miles.

Yet, this is 100% where I'm meant to be.  While it's strange, it matters less that I've missed out on some of my favorite annual activities or that I won't be with family this Thursday for Thanksgiving.  I have a long visit planned at Christmas, which should take the sting out of creating holiday traditions here. Part of moving forward means sometimes leaving things behind.  I have a good sense of which of my friends back home will be forever friends.  I've adjusted to calling my parents instead of dropping in at them at home whenever I felt like it.  I've adopted my friends' pets whenever I need a pet fix, instead of seeing Tucker and Buzz.

Everything from my house to my job to my new friends has been perfectly orchestrated by God.  I could never have asked or imagined anything as God as what He has planned.

More importantly, God is weeding out the dross from my life and character.

Last night at church, a song contained these lyrics:
All You have in store / is all I want O Lord
That continues to my prayer through this journey.

I came to Nashville to learn how to be more dependent on God.  He has stretched and grown me in so many ways these past six months.  I'm not the same girl from Illinois.  I am a new creation.  And He's not done with me yet.

Join me this week as I reflect on all that God is doing and has done since my NashVegas adventure began.

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