Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Sentiments: Commission

Sunday Sentiments is an attempt to record what God has been teaching me and the way in which He does it.

The past 8 weeks my church has been doing a series titled Disciple: Dying to Live.  Many of the sermons have tied well into the Radical Read-Along. Different people have shared their story of being a disciple of Christ.  At the end, they say their name and announce, "I'm a disciple and I'm dying to live." 

Dying to live.  I mean, that is the epitome of the Christian faith when you stop to think about it.

The final sermon focused on our calling to proclaim Christ.  We don't have to know all the answers. We don't need to worry about the outcome.  We simply need to open our mouths and proclaim. That's all that is asked of us.

I am called to proclaim Christ where I am.  I have been commissioned.  I may not be a missionary in the global sense but I am one right here, right now. 

You've probably heard the same thing at some point.

Here's where the point hit home.  Our three teaching pastors commissioned the congregation this weekend.

The congregation was divvied up into 7 categories, from Students and Education to Moms to Business and Professionals.  When your category was announced, you stood up.  The pastors then read something unique to your position in life.

I stood up for the Non-profits and Social Service category.  The one thing that really stuck out as the words were read over me and others in my category is that we are the very hands and feet of Christ as we meet with people that are in pain.  Hearing that really touched me, although it isn't a new thought.  Maybe it's because this past week was heavier than usual or maybe it's just something I needed to hear and reflect on.

After everyone in the congregation was accounted for, we read 8 statements of faith, that were the take-away message from each sermon.  I wish I had a copy of it!  We closed the commissioning by saying, "I'm a disciple and I'm dying to live."

What would happen if each person at my church, myself included, took this commission seriously?  I'll share more of my thoughts on Tuesday with the final chapter of Radical but I am marveling at the possibilities.

How could God use me?  And more importantly for you, how can God use you?


  1. wow! that is so powerful, being commissioned by church in that way. wow! i can't wait to hear what will come out of that!

    funny that you mention proclaiming...this afternoon/evening was my friend's birthday party. while eating cake, he started talking about God with us(this often happens) and i was able to share more of my testimony and why i believe in Jesus. i often feel very inadequate in these conversations, especially as my friend is very learned and i'm not, but i was definitely proclaiming the Gospel. now to wait and see what God does with that. :)

  2. I haven't read the whole book yet, but some of the young guys who work with me and our youth group have been reading it, and trying to get me to read it also.

    I read the first chapter online. I was pretty impressed with the hometown boy. I am from Birmingham and therefore I just plain ought to read anything that "radical" coming out of here. smile.

    You've pushed me over the edge, I'll order it up.


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