Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Week: Shoes

(This post was originally written for Fashion Week at Windy Poplars but the series is now on hold.  Enjoy anyway!)

Today we're focusing on shoes.  Who doesn't love a good shoe?  When I moved, I invested in plastic shoe boxes from The Container Store.  I love looking at the uniform stacks, catching glimpses of color here and there.  My beautiful, beautiful shoes.  The boots are in their original boxes still mostly because of their size.

I'm currently on the look-out for some interesting flats, either patterned or in a certain color.  I haven't spotted anything yet that I have to have.  Sooner or later, the right pair(s) will come along!

My favorite shoe-related purchase of this year would have to be this pair.

Green suede from Juicy Couture that were a steal at $29.99 from Marti & Liz Shoes.  The 4-inch stacked heel means I can't wear them for long but they're perfect for an evening event.  Love them!

Have you spotted any cute flats recently?  What was your favorite shoe purchase this year?


  1. I love reading your blog but haven't commented - until now! I am in LOVE with flats. Being a stay-at-home mom to a one-year-old necessitates this. I'm a fan of more for less - Target, Payless, outlets. Plus I can wear a kid's size so my new love are a cute pair of red plaid flats for Christmas. Perhaps a little corny, and a flashback to jr. high, but they make me happy! I hope you find your perfect pair soon!

  2. Tirzah, of course you and your tiny self would wear kid's size! Glad you've found a fun new pair of flats. Red plaid sounds like a great holiday accent!


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