Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion Week: Church Clothes

It's Fashion Week at Windy Poplars...hop on over to join the fun!

I go to a more casual church where jeans are completely acceptable.  In the summer, I might wear a dress or skirt but come fall and winter, I wear jeans or dress according to whatever the rest of the day's plans hold.  I get tired of professional attire so while some people welcome the chance to dress up, I welcome the chance to keep it casual.

Here was my look this past Sunday:
purple long-sleeved shirt, Express
navy tank top, Old Navy
scarf, boutique? (I can't remember which one)
jeans, Banana Republic
chandelier earrings, gift

The church of my childhood was much more formal- dress clothes required.  However, I enjoy getting to choose whether to dress up or not.  I know God doesn't care what I wear- it matters more that I go to church than what I'm wearing.

Is your church more casual or formal?


  1. it's a little bit of both at my church which is Anglican, plus it depends on what service you attend. we have three Sunday morning services. the first service (8am) is more senior than youth, so casual dress feels more awkward. the second (10am) is more traditional, but with a mixed audience, people come as they feel comfortable. and the third is more contemporary which means more people dress casually.

    i tend to dress up because I'm more actively involved in the service and have been asked to do so by the Dean (the term is used to reference his position as the clergy overseeing the church life of the Cathedral, rather than being the norm through all churches).

    growing up, my parent's made us dress up formally, though the church has become less formal as time has gone on.

    i'm comfortable either way. i like to dress appropriately to the culture of the church, but don't worry about those who do differently. each person needs to be comfortable in their choice of clothing, so they can come to worship with less distraction.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Doug! It makes sense that the Dean would ask you to look a bit more spiffy. People in leadership roles have a little more pressure on them (maybe needing to look the part?) than those of us filling the pews.


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