Wednesday, November 17, 2010

#3: Flambé something

When I created my 31 Things, I thought I'd add something culinary-related that I'd never before attempted.  I'm a rather adventurous cook in terms of trying new techniques and ingredients.  Yet, I'd never flambéed anything.  30 seems an appropriate age to learn how to utilize alcohol and a match when it comes to food.

I've had a deep love of Jameson since my trip to Ireland a few years back.  I am a certified expert whiskey taster, thanks to the tour.  My Whiskey Cake is renowned (among my friends and family) and delicious.  Therefore, I knew Jameson had to be involved with this cooking experiment.

I headed to The Tasty Kitchen and searched for "whiskey" and "flambé."  When Gaelic Steak Flambé showed up, I knew it was meant to be.

The cast of characters:
The pretty yellow- and long- matches were scored in Leipers Fork last weekend

 Jameson goes in...and now for the scary part!

 Do you enjoy the look of trepidation on my face?

OK, so it took two attempts.  The first time I didn't empty out the juices from the cooked meat.  When I added the whiskey and lit the match, there was a little sizzle and then nothing.  I took the steaks out, emptied the liquid (bye bye beautiful whiskey!) and started over. 

Presto changeo! 

The flame was never as impressive as the one featured with the recipe.  But...there was a flame!  And the steaks were delicious, especially the mushroom sauce.  Thanks, Tracy, Joel, and Mama W for being my guinea pigs!

If you need something flambéed any time soon, let me know.  I think I can certify myself as an expert flambéer now.  Right?


  1. I think it's cool you attempt new cooking techniques. But I hate finding posts like this when I'm hungry. This makes me hungry.

  2. I can attest to the deliciousness of the flambe! i was one of the lucky recipients!

  3. I'm a certified expert whiskey taster, too! I went to County Cork and the Jameson distillery last fall. :)

    Congratulations on your flambe! Very impressed!


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