Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Sentiments: Discipleship

Sunday Sentiments is an attempt to record what God has been teaching me and the way in which He does it.

There's been a theme lately, from the blogs I read to the latest sermon series at church.


A few weeks back, my church launched into our Disciple: Dying to Live series.  My pastors define a disciple as a continual learner who continually teaches. If we want to grow disciples, we need to be sure that we ourselves are disciples.  Last night the takeaway moment for me was what it means to daily die to ourselves when Jesus told us to take up our cross daily.  Lloyd said that dying to ourselves means choosing His agenda over mine, over and over and over again.

A small portion of my Breaking Free homework was about discipleship, specifically looking at spiritual mentors.  I've never had a mentor per se but I have had wonderful godly women who have poured into my life.  I'm so grateful for Susan, Lynn, Victoria, and Jonna who always patiently listened, encouraged, and prayed with me during various times in my life.  I would be remiss without a special mention of my mom, who has been a continuous godly example in my life.  I am so blessed that she's my mom!  While I would like to have a mentor, I am also blessed by my friends who ask tough questions and wrestle with what faith looks like in this day and age.

Then there's this Deeper Walk devotional from the other day. 
"WHEN WE BEGIN TO wrestle with what it means to live in community, we are wrestling with what it would look like to be honest, vulnerable and transparent with other believers. If the Church is going to stay relevant and engaged in our culture, we need to figure this community thing out.
 What could happen if through prayer and commitment we allowed those we worshiped with, maybe those we were starting a new small group with, that same level of trust and intimacy? I believe that is the type of transparency the Gospel is calling us to- to recognize that we are people of an eternal story. We are old friends.

Ultimately, the key to intentional Christian community begins with intentional transparency."

Dying to self. Mentoring and being mentored. Being intentionally transparent with fellow believers.

This is what I strive for. This is why I'm asking myself what discipleship costs me.

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