Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Saturday in the Park

Last weekend, Tracy and Joel invited me on their family hike to Percy Warner park.  By hike, I mean trek.  It was awesome!  I haven't been hiking in so long.  While my body initially protested, soon I was sailing over the trail.  It was a marvelous start to a marvelous day.
 Anna is excited to start hiking!
 Hiking backpacks are good for little girls
 Daddy and daughter
 Happy family.
Can you believe they do this 2 mile hike every week?
 Anna had had enough of being carried!  It was hiking time.
 She's a tree hugger. For reals.
That grin means "I love my auntie!"  Or Dee as she likes to call me.

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  1. Looks beautiful! I love hiking! Although I have to admit, I wouldn't necessarily protest if someone wanted to carry me around in a backpack!


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