Friday, October 15, 2010


The other day I was asked about the last time I was happy.  A true moment of happiness.

I thought for a moment. We're not talking about joy, something we experience in spite of circumstances.  We're not talking about contentment, which is how I can describe most of my days. We're talking smile on our face, laugh out loud happy.

And then it came to me.

This little girl makes me happy.  When she sees me, she squeals her gibberish and stomps her feet with excitement.  With a reaction like that, I can't help but feel amazing about life!  She lets me snuggle her while watching Veggie Tales or when I read her a story.  She brings me her Pink Animal to hold for awhile- sharing at its best.  We play silly games and just have fun together.

It's hard to remember that before May, I'd only seen her a few times a year since she was born.  Now I see her a few times a week!  I'm so thankful that Tracy and Joel share their daughter with me.  They thank me when I babysit but I feel like I'm the one that gets the gift.  She's not just my best friend's daughter.  She's my niece-in-love and she loves me back.

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