Monday, October 25, 2010

DC Food

I visited my brother in DC/Virginia  over the weekend, knocking off a couple of 31 Things in the process.  I'll be writing about my trip over the next week or so but today I wanted to start with the food.  Ah, yes.  The lovely, lovely food.

Incredibly delicious lunch at the Holocaust Museum cafe.  The museum is well-worth experiencing, as is its cafe.  (My brother thought it was strange that it would have its own cafe.  He was appeased by the fact that it's located next to the museum, not technically a part of it.)
A pear, spinach, and brie on raisin walnut bread sandwich, paired with a chocolate chocolate chip cookie.  I'm not typically a raisin-fan but that sandwich was inspired.

A friend visited Mad Fox Brewing Company a month or so ago and promptly told me about the fried pickles on the menu.  I promptly told Matt that we absolutely, positively had to go there so I could experience them for myself.  Listed as "frickles" on the menu, Mad Fox makes their own pickles and cuts them into thick chips.  There appears to be a cornflake-type breading.  Then the piece de resistance- a spicy chipotle dipping sauce.  We tore through the basket in no time!
I then enjoyed a lovely grilled chicken panini (marinated chicken, oven roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and a basil pesto aioli on toasted house-baked bread) and freshly cut fries.  Huge serving!  I'm impressed by how many things Mad Fox makes themselves, from ketchup to sausage. You can't go to a brewery and not sample the brew.  I settled on a pale English summer ale, which was a perfect way to cap off the day.

After church we had lunch at an Indian buffet in Ashburn.  A lovely selection and the right amount of spice.

Finally for dinner, I made Matt (and his roommates) my Illinois-famous chili.  No Krispy Kremes nearby, unfortunately, so we settled on an olive oil ciabbata as the accompaniment.


  1. Can't go wrong with a panini! But fried pickles?! I don't know if I could do that!...

  2. Fried pickles are amazing, Laura! Please give them a chance if you like pickles- frying them and dipping them in sauces of all kinds takes them to the next level.

  3. We need to go out for frickles when Blue Moon Lagoon opens back up (which is supposed to be soon!) - they have the BEST ones. And I am going to call them frickles from now on, FYI.

  4. i love that you dedicated an entire post to the food you ate while visiting your brother and posted that first!

    fried pickles are indeed delicious! i've only had them cut into spears and fried, but are they ever good! my husband doesn't quite believe me yet, but one day he will try them. and then he will love them, just like i do. :)


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