Thursday, October 28, 2010

Compassion International

You may have noticed a new banner on the left side of this blog a few days ago.  Over the weekend, a staff member at Compassion International emailed me as she had come across my Comfort Food post.  I had linked to two of the Compassion Bloggers who were in Guatemala at the time and challenged everyone to consider child sponsorship.  We are blessed by virtue of living in America and I firmly believe that most of us can spare $38 a month so that a child will be fed, clothed, offered medical care, educated, and taught about Christ.  When I compare that new sweater I want to the idea that a child who is cold and hungry, it's a clear decision.

And when Emily asked if I would add one of their banners to my blog, it was also a clear decision.  I'm proud to feature the work and ministry of Compassion International.  Compassion started 57 years ago and has helped more than 1 million children from 25 countries during that time.  1 million kids!  Still, there are so many more that need help.

As I perused the different banner options, I was struck by the one for children who have been waiting more than 6 months for a sponsor;  Six months of wondering whether this will be the day that will change their lives.  We all have times in our lives where we are waiting for something.  Wondering whether it will ever happen.  Trying not to get our hopes up.  Trying to stay positive.  Trying not to let the dream die.

Six more months of experiencing hunger. Cold. Illness. Poverty.

My childhood was so far removed from that reality, I can scarcely imagine it but it happens every day all over the world.

Understand that this is not a guilt-trip.  I won't know whether you sponsor a child after reading this, even though I hope you'll at least pray about it.  Perhaps your finances are really tight right now and you can't afford to sponsor a child.  Hey, I've been there.  Perhaps you give toward other worthy causes, in which case, thank you for being faithful in giving. But maybe there's someone reading who can afford to be stretched, who is looking to give back, and who would be blessed to get to know a sponsored child.  If that's you, please click on the banner or head to Compassion directly.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is.  I sponsor children through World Vision; it just happened that way.  I've long admired Compassion's work however.  After reading the Compassion Bloggers' recent experiences, I started to wonder whether I should sponsor a child through Compassion.  Kind of mix things up.  When I received the email over the weekend and when I saw children who have been on a wait list for far too long for things I have ready access to, I knew what I needed to do.

Tuyizere is a 6 year old boy in Rwanda who is no longer waiting for a sponsor.  (Kelly, I chose Rwanda to honor the country where your adoption is taking place.) His picture brings tears to my eyes and I look forward to getting to know him in the coming months and years.

Do you sponsor any children?  Are there any worthy causes you'd like to plug today?

Disclosure: Compassion asked that I place their banner on this blog but I am not being compensated for doing so.  The banner is here because I believe in the work they are doing.


  1. Our family now has 7 Compassion kids, our most recent addition was a 15 year old girl from Rwanda last month! Please feel free to stop by my blog where I often write about the ever-important letter writing aspect of the ministry.
    Compassion has, quite literally, changed our lives. I did a lot of research before we started our first sponsorship in June of 2009. I love how they are Christ centered and very open with their financial information. The clincher for me was the stark differences in the salaries of all of the different sponsorship programs out there. Compassion was the clear choice and I am SO thankful for that prompting!!
    Enjoy the relationship with your new sponsor child!!

  2. I sponsor a 7 year old named Sonny. We have the same birthday. She lives in Uganda and I am hoping to visit her this summer! :)

  3. The small group of girls I help with has started sponsoring a little boy in Ecuador! We took a group photo to send to him so that he knows who we are! I'm looking forward to getting updates from him! And I'm hoping to someday sponsor at least one child on my own.

  4. i signed up for their newsletter. thank you for sharing about Compassion.


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