Wednesday, October 27, 2010

#1: Visit Brudder in Virginia

My brother Matt has lived in Virginia for over 3 years.  Had I ever visited him?  Well, no.  He came home a few times a year since he moved so it's not like I haven't seen him during that time.  Still, I knew if I was going to keep favorite sister status, I needed to get out there stat.  This past weekend I was able to cross off the first item I listed on 31 Things.

I flew in Friday night, which gave us enough time to wander around Borders.  I gave him some reading recommendations, most of which he ignored, but he did promise to read a couple. Success!  Saturday we headed to DC for a day o' fun.

 Doesn't Matt look happy that we're hanging out?

 Outside the Holocaust Museum (Crossing off #7- more to come)

 Either DC residents are used to tourists or everyone is really many people would offer to take our picture together out of the blue

 Washington Monument

 I was mesmerized by these flags

 We may both be Southerners now but we'll always be Yankees at heart

 Some new state pride

 Honest Abe.  Seeing him made this former Illinoisan proud.

 Another memorial on the way to the White House

Barack didn't realize I was in the neighborhood or I'm sure he would have invited me in.
It was cool to see the apiaries and other changes Michelle has brought to the grounds.

 The view from Lincoln Memorial

Outside the Vietnam War Memorial

Saturday night involved fried pickles, a fine ale, and lots of food.
Sunday we went to church, ate Indian food for lunch, then chilled for awhile as I made my infamous chili.  After dinner, we watched Invictus, which I highly recommend.  We all know that Nelson Mandela is a great man but to see his brilliance, his vision coming together, watch forgiveness in action...powerful beyond words.
I left early Monday morning, navigating the train to my gate at the Dulles airport in a bleary-eyed haze.  I'm not a morning person at all.  That it allowed me to spend more time with my brudder?  Absolutely worth it.

I'm not sure Matt and I have ever spent that much one-on-one time together before.  We were not the closest of siblings growing up but the older we get, the closer we've become.  That makes me happy.  (And I'm sure our mom is elated by it!)  This weekend I shared my heart.  He shared his.  I left Virginia feeling I knew him better than before and that means #1 on my list turned out better than anything I could have planned.


  1. Yep, I AM elated. : ) I'm so glad you two got to spend this time together & see the sites. SO much history to see there. Great pictures & captions! Can't wait to hear more details.

  2. Aww. What an awesome trip for so many reasons. Glad you made it! Love the pics.


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