Monday, September 20, 2010

Reverse Bucket List

I couldn't help but be inspired by Suburban Turmoil's Reverse Bucket List.  While Bucket Lists are all about getting stuff done before you die, a reverse bucket list celebrates all that you've accomplished thus far.  I've enjoyed working on my 31 Things this year and I'm not feeling too pressured about crossing every item off before January.  In fact, I know there's a couple that probably won't happen and that's OK.

I really like the idea of looking back on my life and coming up with all the things I'm proud of, as well as all the things I never dreamed would happen.  And while my list can't really compete with Lindsay's (hello, she won an Emmy!), I'm feeling pretty good about myself.
  1. Volunteered with Cross-Cultural Solutions in Thailand for 3 weeks
  2. Got into my long-shot grad school: School of Social Service Administration at University of Chicago.  Pretentious name but that school is serious about social work success.
  3. Started Chili and Doughnut Night, a timeless tradition 6 years later
  4. Partial season White Sox ticket holder 2005-2009
  5. Witnessed the White Sox win the 2005 World Series!!!
  6. Went to game 3 of the 2008 ALDS playoffs- and the White Sox won!
  7. Jermaine Dye (my fave player) waved at me during warm-ups before a 2008 game
  8. Baked an awesome 3 layer cake
  9. Drove a tractor on my Grandpa's farm when I was 11
  10. Impressed a monk with my meditation skills
  11. Won Most Improved Player on my 7th grade volleyball team
  12. Worked as a hospice social worker for 5 years
  13. Developed the child and teen bereavement program, in addition to my hospice social work duties
  14. Started my first blog on a whim 4 years ago and now it's solely a professional blog and a two time host for a palliative care blog carnival
  15. My professional blog was listed in the top 50 social work blogs
  16. Pinch myself that my dream job became reality this year
  17. Compile a mean mix CD every year for friends
  18. Drove on the "wrong" side of the road in Ireland
  19. Rowed on the college crew team
  20. Hiked parts of the Grand Canyon- twice
  21. Canoed a million miles on a week-long trip in the UP
  22. Met one of my favorite authors: Madeleine L'engle
  23. Told Geoff Moore that his talk at Second Saturday led me to Christ (he was signing autographs at The Christian Bookstore 4 years later)
  24. Stood on stage with the Newsboys and the rest of my youth group during DC/LA 97
  25. Had a poem published in a poetry anthology
  26. Developed an independent study in which I taught a few sections of sophomore English during my senior year of high school.
  27. The teacher who graciously allowed me to teach also adopted a few of my curriculum ideas!
  28. Won an honorable mention in my high school art show
  29. Helped my school win Battle of the Books two years in a row- this started our school's dynasty within the BOTB competition.  I think they've lost maybe once in the ensuing 20 years.
  30. Read 80 books last year
  31. Traveled to 22 states
  32. Traveled to 4 countries
  33. Plus, I crossed into Peru "illegally" via a river on the back of a friend of a friend's property
  34. Small group Bible study leader for the young adult group for a year and a half
  35. Youth group leader- that was a crazy year
  36. Worked with a boy who is autistic so he could participate in Sunday School
  37. Volunteered at a special needs adult Bible study for a year
  38. One of the elite volunteers for a whiskey tasting at Jameson Distillery in Dublin
  39. Sat front row at a concert
  40. Put on the VIP list for a Sleeping at Last show
  41. Hung out in the VIP room with a band after their show
  42. Created incredible music displays at The Christian Bookstore, which were complimented by some of the artists themselves
  43. Ate a Colonial Kitchen Sink (6-scoop ice cream sunday), not just once but twice!
  44. Moved to Nashville after 30 years as an Illinoisan
  45. Performed bridesmaid duties for 5 dear friends
  46. When I was in 5th grade, I appeared in the newspaper 3 different times in the span of a week.
  47. Went to Ecuador for a missions trip
  48. Designed 3 pieces of furniture and helped my dad build them
  49. Attended two trainings at the Center for Loss and Life Transition
  50. Surprise party planner extraordinaire
  51. Known for my cooking and hostessing skills
  52. With my grandma when she died from multiple myeloma- a difficult yet sacred moment
  53. Attended the Pitchfork Music Festival for 4 consecutive years
  54. In the audience during the taping of Demetri Martin's These Are Jokes CD.  You can actually hear me laughing!
  55. Performed "Silver Bells" with an ensemble for our junior high Christmas recital
  56. Sang Alison Krauss's "A Living Prayer" with two friends at a young adult Coffeehouse night
  57. Seen The Nutcracker...on Horseback
What does your Reverse Bucket List look like?  Comment here or write your own blog post!

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