Wednesday, September 22, 2010


1. I've lived here four months and I'm already starting to drawl.  I knew I'd pick up an accent fast but this exceeded my expectations!  My parents picked up on it when we were on the phone the other day.  Expect teasing to ensue.

2. I finally succumbed to Twitter.  All the blog experts say that if you want to build your blog audience, you should be on Twitter.  I'm giving it a go.  You can click the button the right side of the page to follow me or look me up: @hopefulleigh.  If you follow me, I'll follow you!

3.  I'm contemplating going to Blissdom in January. It's right here in Nashville so I'd only have to take time off from work.  It's completely intimidating but I know many people feel that way.  I want to take it all in, learn some tips and tricks, and meet other bloggers.  Have you gone to any blogging conferences?  Are you planning on going to Blissdom?  Any tips for a first-timer?  (I'm already starting to work on business cards.)

4.  My book club is reading The Wednesday Sisters for next month.  I've heard good things about it.  Let me know if you've already read it.

5.  Even though I love my church, I've started wondering about some of the other churches in the area.  I was so relieved to move here and already know where I wanted to attend that I didn't give the church search another thought.  Still, I'm curious about the places where my friends worship, not because I want to go elsewhere, but because I think our places of worship often say something about us.  We all worship in different ways and so our churches reveal an aspect of our personality or character.  At least, I think that's true.


  1. COME TO BLISSDOM! I went last year and am planning on coming this year. It is a blast!! I'll be honest, the blogging workshops can be overwhelming, but what I loved was networking with other bloggers.

  2. if I give you my address, will you send me a drawl in an envelope because sometimes I have one, mostly because I LOVE people with a slight drawl and I want people to love me. haha. :)

    word to #5. I just moved here and ALL OF MY FRIENDS and ALL OF THEIR FRIENDS go to the same church - I've found a different church that I went to this past week and LOVED it, but I'm debating still checking out other churches, you know just to see. Do it... even if you just check out a new church once a monht or something, you know? Or find churches with evening services.

  3. I just finished "The Wednesday Sisters"'s interesting to see different viewpoints in relation to what was going on politically and socially in the 60's. I liked a few of the characters more than others. It's a pretty good story.


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