Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Living Room: A Place Where Form and Function Meet

Everyone's favorite [but ever so slow] tour of my new home continues. We'll wait for at the front door if you need to catch up on my bedroom (here), bathroom (here), or kitchen (here).

While there are still a few changes I'd like to make in my living room, I find it to be a comfortable and inviting place.  Aside from the ugly couch pattern, it really looks like my space. My fingerprints are all over the design, from the entertainment unit to the pictures on the wall.
Here's what you'll see when you walk in the front door.
The ugly, yet comfy sectional couch has been broken up, with the bulk right there, one piece next to the front door, and one piece in the office.  It's lovely propping one's feet up on the ottoman.
Here's the view from the kitchen.
Don't worry- we're going to take this piece by piece so you can take every detail in.
Ah, my beloved entertainment unit.  I designed it, my dad built, and together we stained and varnished it.
It's truly one of a kind.  And while many have asked whether he'll make one for them, it's a deal you only get if you happen to be the daughter of the ever-talented Rick.
The lamp was a Target deal a few years back.  I used to keep it in my bedroom since my old apartment didn't have a light fixture.  Now it provides light to the living room!
The basket keeps blankets for cold winter nights or whenever you need something cozy.
The inside of the entertainment unit.  
The drawers house movies, candles, games, and more.  Quite handy!
I painted the canvas a few years ago.  I handstretched it in a college art class for what was originally a nude painting.  Even though I did a great job, I don't really want a nude painting in my home.  I started experimenting with color and layering and ended up with this.
A couple of weeks after I finished, I found the duo flanking the canvas at World Market.  I couldn't believe how well the colors complimented each other!
Behind the couch is one of my bookshelves.  In my old place, the entertainment unit and bookshelves stood together.  Given the size of this space, it made more sense to break up the band.
I adore my bookshelves!  There's space for my scrapbooks, pictures, magazines, old camera collection, and so much more.  This particular one holds what I like to call "bridesmaid row."  It represents about half of the weddings I've been in.
The cocktail table is from Dania, purchased at a family friend's garage sale for a bargain amount.  If I ever get around to buying a new stereo, it'll go on top.
My favorite shelf is, of course, an Ode to the White Sox.
It doesn't get any better than my Legacy Brick, Jermaine Dye picture (I miss you, JD!), and the 2005 World Series keepsake book.
Near the kitchen, we find the wooden chest I bought at the flea market in July.  It is a perfect storage space!
The docking station is perfect for all my work-related paraphernalia. 
There was a sticker on this front section that was impossible to get off.  
I hunted through my pictures and found this ceiling from a barn, cut it to size, and covered the sticker up!
Here's the other bookshelf.
(Can you tell it's laundry day?)
Ikea frame between the living room and bedroom.  (Ireland and Thailand pictures!)
And we're almost back to the front door.
I have grand plans for the space above this couch section.
Right by the front door.  This framed key was a gift from my friend Jill, whose design expertise easily outruns mine.  She sweetly remembered what I plan to do with the empty space I just showed you and thought this might compliment it.  I guess we'll have to wait and see...

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  1. When we lived in San Diego we loved going to Ikea. It was a family thing. Our son loved playing in the mock rooms. My husband and I would get inexpensive decorating ideas for our small apartment.
    We still have the coffee table that we bought 7 years ago.
    You have a terrific living space.


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