Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coco Avant Chanel

I bought and watched Coco Avant Chanel last weekend.  I typically don't buy movies before watching them but 1) Audrey Tautou is starring, 2) it's about Chanel, and 3) it got rave reviews.  The gamble paid off.  I absolutely loved this movie!  I knew bits and pieces about Coco Chanel's origins but it was fascinating to watch it come to life.  Coco was truly avant garde for her time.  She resisted corsets and insisted women's fashion could be fashionable yet still accommodate our lives.  Audrey was absolutely phenomenal, as was the rest of the cast.  I watched some of the DVD Behind the Scenes extras and loved learning more about the characters, the set, and how the screenplay came to be.  Definitely worth watching, even if you're not as intrigued by Chanel as I am.

I also loved that the filmmakers incorporated the inspirations for her clothes.  For instance, when she goes to the beach, she notices sailors wearing striped shirts.  Voila!  Shortly thereafter she's wearing this cute number.
I love shopping for fall fashion.  Granted, I have to work within my budget so you won't find me buying any full-price Chanel.    (Side note: I personally believe Coco would roll over in her grave if she saw the house's fall/winter line.  What on earth are those strange fur concoctions?)  It's more fun to find deals and steals.

When I saw Coco's striped shirt in the movie, I was instantly inspired.  I knew I wanted a striped shirt and thought I'd keep an eye out.  I rarely shop at TJ Maxx but I needed to stop there last week.  I browsed the clothes and was surprised to see quite a few striped options. Nothing was quite right until I found this wonderful, slouchy cardigan with pockets.  Swoon!
These Blackberry pictures don't do it justice! I wore it to work the other day and my ensemble was tres chic!  Sure, it's not the best fabric but at $17, it's cheap and just what I'm looking for.

Since the weather has insisted on staying in the 90s, I wear cardigans and blazers at work and quickly take them off once stepping outside.  Oh, if only fall weather were here so I could wear my sweaters again!  Rumor has it, it'll be in the 70s next week.

One last fashion-related note for anyone who is interested in watching The September Issue, it's airing on A&E this Saturday.  I can't wait to finally watch this movie!


  1. And I loved the end when she has all the models come out in those GORGEOUS clothes. SWOON!

  2. Love the striped sweater!


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