Friday, September 10, 2010


There's a new addition in my bedroom: a bench.

Ever since I spider-proofed my home and got the additional back up of pest control, I've been thinking of ways to store items so that nothing is left sitting on the floor.  I thought a bench would be perfect for holding suitcases and weekender totes whenever I pack before a trip.  Or to hold blankets for when I'm cold in the middle of the night, which isn't happening now with our sunny weather but will happen come winter.  I also have one storage bin of clothes that I want to keep in my room but is too high to go under the bed and my closet is packed full.  A bench would solve all these problems!

It's not a big space though, between the dresser and the hope chest and my bed.  A bench would need to have a cushion high enough for the storage bin to fit underneath.  And it couldn't be wider than the dresser.

I searched high and low.  Everything I found was either the wrong size or Pottery Barn-expensive.  Enter Tracy's find for me at Kirkland's:
I picked it up last weekend on sale.  It was originally $149.99 and I snagged it for $60.  The color, the leaf was meant to be in my bedroom!
The bench is just the right size.  I tried centering it under the window originally but it actually looked strange given the composition of the room.
Already getting used

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