Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome to Jillandopalooza

I can't take credit for the term Jillandopalooza.  That's all Jill.  Jill and Landon's wedding festivities have come and gone.  It was a whirlwind 4-day weekend and I'm impressed by all that I was able to fit in.
My flight to Chicago was delayed by 2 hours so I was very happy when I finally arrived at my parents' house.  My dad just built this Murphy bed in my old room so I would have a place to sleep when I visit.  (My brother's old room is the guest room while my old room is my Mom's office.)  My dad is so talented!  I am happy to report that the bed is super comfortable.  While it was strange to sleep at my parent's house for the first time in years, it felt good to be home.  I also had fun getting my pet fix.  Tucker is still the greatest dog ever and even Buzz was a more affectionate kitty.

Thursday was a busy, busy day.  I hung out with Jill for a bit in the morning and then had lunch with a couple of my old co-workers.  It was good to catch up with them and hear how things are going with everyone.  I have a sneaking suspicion that I got out at the right time.  I found out that I inspired one of my co-workers to move to California for missionary school!  Apparently she had been wrestling with this decision and when she heard about why I was moving, she decided to go for it.  How cool is that?
After lunch I headed to my best friend Erin's house for some bonding time with my niece-in-love Katelyn.  It's clear she was excited to see her auntie!  I seriously love her and wish that Mark and Erin would move to NashVegas too.  I know Joel, Tracy, and Anna would approve of that plan!
After baby bonding time, I headed to the rehearsal.  All went well aside from a wedding coordinator who was overly serious about her position and a no-show priest.  The rehearsal dinner was quite delicious and a nice chance to catch up with friends.  Through the years, I've become friends with Jill's friends and so I knew a good number of people in the wedding party.  It's always nice having wedding buddies.
All this purple fabric?  It's my $30 convertible bridesmaid dress!  It took me about 45 minutes to come up with a way to wear it that was cute and hid my bra.  Thanks to my mom and some safety pins, this was the finished product:
Even though we didn't compare notes, all 7 bridesmaids ended up wearing the dress differently.  We all used copious amounts of fashion tape as well.  But enough about the bridesmaids.  You say you'd like to know what the bride wore?
For starters, how cute is she?  And here she is in her dress:

I don't have any shots from the wedding because I was a little, well, busy.  The priest did show up and he did give a nice homily.  However, he must not do weddings all that often because he said, "this is the end of the Mass," and then walked off stage. Without saying, "you may now kiss the bride."  Or "I now pronounce you husband and wife."  It was the strangest non-ending ever!  Once it was established that he was not coming back up, Landon shrugged, kissed Jill, and everyone applauded.
A nice shot of our flowers and Jill's.  This wedding was a celebration of color!  And love.
I can't even express how happy I am for Jill.  She and Landon are going to have a great life together!  I am glad she gave me a chance to be by her side and an excuse to come back home.

It was great seeing more friends and dancing the night away.  I tear it up on the dance floor!  I won't be competing on SYTYCD any time soon but I can hold my own.  In any case, I could care less how I look.  If the music is playing, my body must move to the beat.  Friends, food, dancing.  Life is complete.
Saturday morning I got together with my old roomies and their babies.  I love those little girls!  It was great seeing Jen and Donna as moms.  While I hope to eventually be a part of the Mommy Club, I was honestly happy to be with them and able to relish my role as auntie.  Maybe I'm becoming more content after all!

Afterward, I headed to Honey with another friend Jill.  While I've been loving the Nashville restaurant scene, I do miss Honey!  Then I went home to help my mom with my aunt's bridal shower.  She gets married at the end of the month and I won't be able to go so I was glad to be there for the shower.  I finally ended the night by going out for coffee with my friend/twin Laura.  We like to solve the problems of the world.  

Sunday morning I went to church with my parents and then brunch before they took me to the airport.  I didn't get to spend that much time with them so I was glad we could have some family time before I left.

All in all, a fabulous weekend!  It'll probably take me all week to catch up on sleep but it was worth it.  
Congrats, Jill and Landon!


  1. I do love those bridesmaids dresses!! So flattering on everyone from what i saw, and I love the creative way you wrapped it into a sweet backless number. :) Nicely done, and $30, whoa, amazing, every bride should let their maids do that!


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