Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jill and Landon

Jill and I had been playing phone tag for a week or so.  I was on my way home after work and as her place was on the way, I decided to stop by.  As I was walking up to the screen door, I could hear laughter.  And a male voice.  I hesitated but then shrugged.  Jill and I would pop over to each others' homes unannounced and I didn't think this would be an exception.  Plus, I was totally curious!

The male voice belonged to Landon, her coworker.  The coworker she'd been hanging out with a little bit more as of late.  I knew she thought he was cute.  I also knew there were issues.  He was much younger.  He was Catholic and she was not.  Landon had converted to Catholicism a year or so prior after studying early church history and knew he wanted to marry someone who was also Catholic.  These issues were not insurmountable but they were worth considering.

Landon and I chatted a bit.  I never would have guessed he was younger if I hadn't already known.  He was smart, funny, and seemed like a good guy.  I remember thinking that there might be something there and couldn't wait to break it down with Jill later.  A 10 minute impromptu visit turned into an hour when Jill invited me to stay and watch "Arrested Development."  Jill was working her way through the seasons and I had been recently turned on to the hilarious show.  I watched a couple of episodes, silently noting the flirtation between my friend and her gentleman caller.  And then I continued on my way home. 

I found out later that Landon had been planning to ask Jill out that night and was dying while I was there!  He did ask her out a few episodes after I left and she, of course, said yes.  I felt bad that I'd caused him anxiety until I found out he'd been planning to ask her out for a month before he actually did.  This, my friends, is why guys should just do it!  If he'd asked her out when he first decided to do it, then my visit would have been one month into their relationship and he would have been nervous about gaining my approval.

Jill reconciled the fact that he was younger than her.  I heartily approved of Landon and continue to think they are a great match.  He proposed in December and I was thrilled when she called with the good news.  After much prayer and discussion, she decided to convert to Catholicism.  I was there for her baptism and confirmation this past Easter vigil.

Tomorrow night I head to my hometown for the first time since I moved.  This Friday they'll be married.  I'll be one of the hot bridesmaids standing by her side.  Jill and I have been in the trenches together.  It has been a treat to watch her fall in love and realize she is someone's beloved.  I'm so honored to be a part of my friends' special day.  Congratulations, Jill and Landon!


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. This is amazing, Leigh! Such a fun cliff notes version of our story. Thanks for writing it up! A couple clarifications for your reading masses, however. 1) In Landon's defense, it was a weird dating situation. If he'd asked me out when he *first* decided to, I would've freaked out because of the age difference, and I think he knew that. I agree that guys should just do it, but I think Landon was wise in waiting in this case. (He gave me time to get used to the idea ... plus by waiting, he got older :) 2) I was only confirmed, not baptized, at Easter. The Catholic church is actually cool in that they recognize Protestant baptisms (as long as it's the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit). They would actually say that being "re-baptized" is at best pointless and at worst desecrating the sacrament.

    Love you, Leigh! Can't wait to see you!

  2. Thanks for the clarifications, Jillio. But wasn't there some water involved during your confirmation? Why else were you all back by the baptismal fount? Of course, there were too many people crowded around for me to see what actually happened so perhaps I just assumed that part. In any case, glad you liked this. See you Thursday!!!

  3. Yeah, it would've been totally hard for you to see with all those people! There were four in our confirmation class who were baptized--they'd never been baptized before. The rest of us who were only confirmed stood back there by the baptismal font as a show of solidarity. I think during the service the priest might've walked around and sprinkled holy water on everyone--they do this (and we dip our fingers in the holy water when entering and exiting the church) as a reminder of our baptism.


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