Monday, August 23, 2010

Introducing: My Future Husband

There are many things I could write about today.  Perhaps this Slate article on the proposed Islamic community center in New York.  It's certainly one of the fairest pieces I've read on the issue.  Rachel Held Evans also weighed in, examining Christians' response or, rather, what a Christian response should be to our Muslim neighbors.  I should probably mention that my niece-in-love Anna definitely attempts to say my name, even if it comes out sounding like "Dee."  I'll still take it.  I could also write about the many scandals occurring on my favorite reality tv shows.  Bachelor Pad, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Rachel Zoe I love thee so.

All I want to write about is the fantastic Ray LaMontagne/David Gray show I went to last night!  They played at Bridgestone Arena, which is indeed an arena.  I wasn't sure what the dynamic would be like as both artists typically perform in more intimate environments.  However, they curtained off half of the place and it really seemed to work in my mind. Also, they donated 20% of the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity and towards rebuilding Nashville from the effects of the flood. My friend Elizabeth and I had a great view, center stage on the balcony.  Erin McCarley was the opening artist, which I was excited about.  She's an artist I've been meaning to listen to ever since I heard her song "Love, Save the Empty."  I will definitely be buying her CD!  She's working on a new album and I loved the songs that she's been working on.

And then, finally, the moment I'd been waiting for.  The genius known as Ray LaMontagne.  I have to confess that I've been a casual fan until more recently.  He's an artist that I've always appreciated, always planned to buy the CD (off my towering list of Must-Haves), and always planned to go to a show.  I will say this much: he's worth the wait. I bought his new CD this past week to redeem myself and it was fun hearing those songs performed live with his talented band, The Pariah Dogs.  You can listen to the CD here.  I am in love with his voice.  It's hypnotic and mesmerizing, whether he's crooning "You are the Best Thing" or growling "Repo Man."  I told Elizabeth that I would like to marry Ray and bear his children.  Yep, I'm full on drooling over an artist I will likely never meet.  (And is probably already married!)  While I know it'll never happen, it was not enough to simply say that I adore this artist.  Thus, my grand declaration. 

David Gray was a great performer.  I'm not as big of a fan of his but it was fun to listen and see how excited the crowd was. He certainly does inspire some interesting dancing from his fans!  All in all, a fantastic night.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the it!!! I'm secretly taking the Mr. to the Phoenix show on Wednesday, and hope we haveas wonderful a time as you had! Yay for Ray :)


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