Wednesday, July 28, 2010


1. I finished reading Ahab's Wife the other night. 
2. It took me almost 3 weeks to read.
3. I usually read books in a day or 2.
4. Apparently I wanted to treasure every word.
5. Sometimes when Anna sees me she says, "Eeeee."
6. The other day she saw me, pointed, and said "that."
7. I still took it as a compliment.
8. I went to my first Nashville Flea Market on Saturday.
9. It also happened to be the hottest day of the summer.
10. I didn't care though because I found a fantastic wooden chest for $45.
11. The past week, the "c" on my keyboard has been truant.
12. Sometimes it works the first time I type it and other times I notice it's missing.
13. I'm really happy "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Top Chef" are on tonight.
14. I think that Ali is getting back together with beady-eyed Frank on The Bachelorette finale.
15. I would not approve of that choice.
16. On the other hand, that means Chris would be free to find me.
17. Then everyone wins.
18. Even though I'm a die-hard White Sox fan, I never would have guessed the season would turn around the way it has.
19. We're still in 1st place in ALC!
20. The 2005 season was the first year my friend and I bought partial season tickets.
21. We were both gainfully employed and thought it was high time we started going to more games.
22. Is it a coincidence that the Sox won the World Series that year?
23. I like to think my cheering had something to do with it.
24. That's why I'm glad that my absence hasn't affected their playing this year.
25. It's been a strange summer without going to Sox games.
26. You might think that I belong to a family of Sox fans.
27. They're actually all Cubs fans in my extended family.  (My parents and brother aren't baseball watchers at all.)
28. I always liked rooting for the underdog and irritating my cousins.
29. Thus, a Sox fan was born.
30. Speaking of Sox fans, my Sox fan friend and traveling buddy extraordinaire Jill gets married next Friday!
31. I'm going to be a hot bridesmaid in her wedding.
32. The bridesmaid dresses cost just $30!
33. I spent more on the shoes!
34. Doesn't the price of the dress make you want to hug Jill?
35. It'll be weird going back home and being a guest.
36. But I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.
37. Although, I won't actually get to see EVERYONE.  I'm there for a wedding after all.
38. I don't like making plans on Sunday night if I have to work the next day.
39. Spontaneous plans are OK but if we planned to do it, I'll probably back out.
40. I don't know why. 
41. I must be worried about being too tired to work on Monday.
42. Yesterday I was so busy at work, I didn't eat lunch.
43. And I strangely didn't mind.
44. This is from a girl that is proud of her propensity for eating.
45. My friend Jason claims the second thing I told him was how I like to eat.
46. I don't think that would be the second thing I would say.
47.  Maybe the tenth.
48. I really, really love my new job.
49. I've been scrapbooking like a fiend lately!
50. I'm glad the maintenance man finally completed repairs on my humble abode.

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  1. nice stream of consciousness. Love the part about Anna calling you Eeeee. So cute!


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