Friday, July 2, 2010

Kindred Connection: Bursary of Bliss

When I moseyed over to Kristin's blog to see what the latest Kindred Connection topic would be, I was a little stumped.  What is a Bursary of Bliss? defines bursary as the treasury of a monastery.  It is the collection, then, of the sacred.  In this sense, a bursary of bliss is comprised of the things that bring you pleasure, joy, and a sense of calm.  She writes, "we are much more capable to handle the trials of everyday life, when our souls are fed little moments of bliss...This list is of the delights that God planted in your heart to respond to in a special way." In a way, this is a great guideline for self-care, a necessity in my line of work.  What an interesting window into the souls of others!

1.  Irish Breakfast tea on a lazy morning
2.  Rain/Thunderstorms
3.  Fireplaces
4.  A good meal shared with friends or family (bonus if there are fried pickles)
5.  Cooking- few things are more therapeutic than slicing, dicing, and preparing a meal for loved ones
6.  Music (country excluded)- especially going to shows or blasting the radio after work
7.  Losing myself in a book
8.  Sunrises and sunsets
9.  Hiking
10. Traveling: seeing how other cultures express themselves
11. Creating (painting, scrapbooking, crafting)
12.  Resale shopping- I love finding a good deal!
13. Spending time with my nieces-in-love, especially their smiles when they see me
14. Intentional gatherings
15. A handwritten letter or card
16. Making mix CDs or receiving one from a friend
17. Working on a crossword puzzle
18. Invitations from new friends
19. Walking around the neighborhood on a breezy afternoon
20. Porch swings
21. Scripture that makes your heart pound
22. White Sox winners
23. Unexpected compliments

What feeds your soul?  What things keep you going?  Think it over and then create your own bursary!

Windy Poplars

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  1. I found you through Windy Poplars, and I enjoyed reading your list! :)


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