Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Tracy and I headed to Otters for some fried pickles today. I've lived in Nashville for over 2 weeks and hadn't had a fried pickle fix yet.  With a Groupon in hand, Tracy showed me the quickest way to drive to Otters Music Row location.  She is having a busy day so we got our food to go.  As we were leaving, two guys were walking in.  I thought to myself, "they look like musicians."  And right after I got a good look at the dreadlocked guy, Tracy said she thought it was Jason Castro.  I don't watch American Idol but I'm familiar enough with the contestants- plus he played at Jason and Molly's wedding (of The Bachelor fame.  See, I do watch some reality TV.)  The minute she said his name, I knew it had been him.  The other day I drove past what looked like the lead singer of Kings of Leon (the band lives in my area) but this counts as my first celebrity sighting since I've moved here- a blurred drive-by is trumped by eye contact.  When we got back to Tracy's, she did a little Googling detective work and discovered that JC is indeed in town.  As for the fried pickles...they weren't the best I've had from Otters but you can't go wrong with Bleu Cheese dipping sauce.

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