Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quality Music

One of the highlights of living in Nashville is that it is the home base for many of the bands I adore, or if it's not the home base, it's chock full of venues they play regularly.  I know Chicago has a great music scene but when you factor travel time from the suburbs, finding parking, and then the cost of the ticket...let's just say Chicago forced me to be choosy about which shows to go to.  Last night I was ecstatic to go see The Civil Wars, whom I've mentioned here before, at the Mercy Lounge.  They were actually one of the opening bands for Cadillac Sky.  It was Cadillac Sky's CD release party and the $10 ticket price also included a copy of the CD!  How cool is that?  (Cadillac Sky was incredibly entertaining, I should note, but I was still caught up in a "music high" from The Civil Wars.)  The Civil Wars played a bunch of new songs they've been working on for their full length album, which hopefully will release late summer or early fall.  I can't wait!  There was one song in particular that brought tears to my eyes- it was along the lines of waiting patiently for a relationship.  I tend to struggle being single, not because I'm incapable of being by myself but because I so want to be a wife and mother.  God, and probably this move, has been tugging at me to process through some of those emotions this week.  I felt like the song was from God, just letting me know He gets it, He knows where I'm at, and I need to trust in His timing.  I do trust in His timing- moving to Nashville is a testament of that fact- but it's harder to trust Him when it comes to this area.  Still, I will strive on.  And listen to The Civil Wars evermore.

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  1. I'm right there with you! I struggle with the same thing...daily. This song is wonderful!


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