Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gigi's Cupcakes

I'm officially in love.  When I lived in the Chicago suburbs, I loved heading to Molly's Cupcakes in Lincoln Park whenever I needed a cupcake fix.  True, there were cupcake eateries closer than the city but they just didn't come close to the perfection that Molly's served up daily.  I'm talking about filled cupcakes.  Anyone can whip up a nice frosting but when you had a ganache or marshmallow filling...yum.  The Ron Bennington was a personal favorite: chocolate cake, peanut butter filling, chocolate ganache, and crushed butterscotch topping.  I decided that it would be my quest to find a filled-cupcake maker in Nashville but I didn't have to search far.  Gigi's Cupcakes has it all!  The cupcake specials change daily and are listed on the website.  I visited yesterday for the first time.  There were no filled offerings but I was more than pleased with my options.  I decided on the Strawberry Shortcake (white cake baked with fresh strawberries, topped with a strawberry buttercream frosting and red sugar crystals), Peanut Butter Cup (milk chocolate cake topped with peanut butter frosting and honey roasted peanuts all drizzled with chocolate), and Texas Milk Chocolate (milk chocolate cake topped with milk chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles, and a bright yellow fondant star.)  Since I start work on Monday, I thought I'd get a couple of after work treats. 

Obviously I couldn't wait until Monday to have one so I went with the more healthful Strawberry Shortcake- I mean, it's fruit-based, right?  I'll save the chocolate decadence for when I need it!  The cupcake was moist, the frosting high and perfectly strawberry flavored.  In short, I'm hooked.  I've already looked at what the specials are for next week so I can plot my goal of trying all the cupcakes Gigi has to offer.  Just reading the descriptions makes me drool.  And the good news for you is that Gigi's has locations in a bunch of places- other parts of Tennessee, but there's also one in Alabama, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Las Vegas and Denver.


  1. 1. Rachel Zoe is hilarious. I heart Brad - he's so sweet and talented.
    2. This post is all the confirmation I need to try Gigi's. My niece is here for the week and we were trying to decide whether or not we should try it. (Although, as I think about this, it is astounding I could ever question whether or not to try a cupcake shop ... ). That strawberry shortcake cupcake looks divine. My brother says he's partial to the italian cream cupcake too.

  2. Cupcake shops are always worth trying:) Let me know what you think and what flavor you end up getting!

    Any thoughts on a Taylor-less Zoe world? I liked Taylor but she seemed to drag everything down with her constant unhappiness. Hope she's happier now wherever she's at!

  3. Thanks for commenting! I get the same thing too...when my profile blantantly says CHRISTIAN and I get people wanting to contact me whose religion is "non-religous". What's up with that!

    And thanks for the cupcake info. I live in Atlanta and its hard to find good cupcake places!


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