Thursday, June 3, 2010

Changing the Discharge Hose

I bought a washing machine off of a friend before moving here but the hoses needed to be replaced.  My dad is a carpenter and a genius when it comes to any of your home-related needs.  In between getting me unpacked, we ran over to Lowe's to purchase the necessary hoses.  Only there was one problem.  My washing machine is from GE and apparently GE likes to make special discharge hoses.  The Lowe's discharge hose would not cut it.  So I had to special order the part from an appliance store- easy enough if you know your machine's model number.  My dad showed me what to do when the part arrived.  I love being handy!  And because my heart goes out to anyone else who might be replacing a discharge hose, I decided to capture the moment and create a tutorial.

This is what the discharge hose looks like:

Make sure both hot and cold water hoses are turned off.  Unscrew the retainer from the washing machine and thread the hose through the retainer.
The "bumpy" end then goes into the machine, like this:
Tighten the screws:

Thread the other end of the hose up to wherever it will be "discharging" and make sure it's in there real good
Fasten the hose to the machine for extra support.  A twist tie works great!
Voila, you're ready to wash some clothes

Per my dad, it's a good idea to turn the water valves off whenever you're not washing clothes.  That way you'll never come home to a flood.

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  1. so sorry you had to by a new discharge hose, but am so proud of your handywork! love you friend! hope nashville is all you hoped for and more. :)


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